The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Scoop: New Villain Ahead!

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We aren't yet done with season three - check out photos of Mystic Falls residents roaring back to the 1920s now, along with the official synopsis for "Before Sunset" - but Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec is already looking ahead to season four.

At last night's Warner Bros. TV's "Television: Outside the Box" event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, Plec said she and her writing team have been focusing on 2012-2013 for about two weeks and...

"We've got a lot going on, a lot of really amazing character moves, great romance, a new mystery, a new villain and I'm really excited about it."

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Plec added that the "challenge" ahead of the staff is to find a villain even scarier than Klaus, although she would not reveal to The Hollywood Reporter whether or not Klaus will actually be around to meet this newcomer.

What can viewers expect to close out season three?

A lot of "wooden stake shenanigans," Plec teased, as well as a resolution to a certain love triangle, as the finale will address "the ultimate question of Elena's choice" between Stefan and Damon.

We might as well ask in that case: Which Salvatore should Elena choose?

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If Elena choses Stefan. I won't watch season 4 c'se it would be so boring, unless she betrays him with damon


Bring back Katerina!!!! The show has become too predictable now. I love how she always added a different angle to the show. Maybe the writers could exploit her past relationship with Klaus and Elijah.


Stefan pick stefan please


She should choose Stefan his love is pure he cnt even be compelled that how much he loves her yea she feels for Damon but not like she feels for Stefan there love is real like the phone call she said U'll always have me how can they just end that.. even do Damon is hot


you know what would be cool if the hybrids could be sired to Elena, because her blood is used to make the hybrids? That would be awesome if Elena had an army and could control them! just saying...


let Klaus go on the run again taking his baby sister rebbeka and ofcourse Elena the Dopple ganger. more hybrids for Klaus. he ran for a thousand years fleeing from mikael


In a past episode Elana made it clear to Stephan she did not want to be a vampire. If she really feels this way then now is the time to walk away from both. She stated she wanted to grow up and have children...can't do that with either Salvator brother.
I do however feel that she will choose Damon and he will be happy for a while then she will leave him for some reason and the old Damon we all love will come back. This will play out all the build up betwen then and let her choose a brother at the end of this season as we already have been told she will.

David and sabrina 2014

Season 3 is going to end big and I can't wait to see what will happen in season 4. This show just gets better and better. XD


Stephen is good as intended as expected but Elena and Damon are the real thing (in the show of course). Sure Stephen is a safe and probably natural choice but the chemistry and understanding between Elena and Damon is undeniable. We all want a happy ending and want to be in love. Well love is not just playing it safe love is passion and frankly Stephen and Elena just don't have it! Beyond Damon's looks is something pure also. Through out the show if you really paid attention, Damon has showed many times he can be just as "good" as Stephen. I am bored with the triangle non sense, I am bored with Stephen...write him a new love, please! Let Elena be free and really experience love, passion and an unforgettable existence with Damon!


The Stephan romance has been explored to death and has become boring...I want to see her with Damon for a while even if when the series ends she winds up with Stephan...and bring Katherine back...with the history both brothers have with her maybe one of them will wind up back with her so both brothers can be happy. Personally I like the bond between the brothers more than the romance angle anyway...what will the romance matter in the end if Elana isn't turned?

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