The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Scoop: New Villain Ahead!

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We aren't yet done with season three - check out photos of Mystic Falls residents roaring back to the 1920s now, along with the official synopsis for "Before Sunset" - but Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec is already looking ahead to season four.

At last night's Warner Bros. TV's "Television: Outside the Box" event at the Paley Center in Los Angeles, Plec said she and her writing team have been focusing on 2012-2013 for about two weeks and...

"We've got a lot going on, a lot of really amazing character moves, great romance, a new mystery, a new villain and I'm really excited about it."

TVD Core Four

Plec added that the "challenge" ahead of the staff is to find a villain even scarier than Klaus, although she would not reveal to The Hollywood Reporter whether or not Klaus will actually be around to meet this newcomer.

What can viewers expect to close out season three?

A lot of "wooden stake shenanigans," Plec teased, as well as a resolution to a certain love triangle, as the finale will address "the ultimate question of Elena's choice" between Stefan and Damon.

We might as well ask in that case: Which Salvatore should Elena choose?

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Sarah silva

Elena will choose Stefan! I am looking forward to the last episodes of the season and too next season!! It will be a long summer!


Elena should choose nither...she doesn't know how she feels about Damon & Stefan threatened to turn her on the same bridge her parents died on. No matter how forgiving you are you don't get over that! As for for the new big badie it might be Ester & Mikhel. She might of found a way to resurrect him. He is the only person I can think of that could possibly strike fear into Klus heart. It could possibly just be Ester too. She wants her abomination children dead. If Ester tries to kill her children & Klus is the originator of Katherine's bloodline then that will give Klus & the Salvatore brothers incentive to work together next season & stop her.


If Elena choose Stefan over Damon I won't even watch season 4.


Either she's going to choose Stefan or, she is going to choose herself and go 'stag' for at least part of the season. I'm not sure she's going to know what to do with herself, without the boys, though, so I figure she stays friends with them, so the gang can continue to unearth the secrets of Mystic Falls :)


She should choose so soon... She dosent even know how she feels about damon yet? And if she choses anything by the end of this season it would be niether.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Big new villain...well whooop die doo, what a surprise. Will he built orphanages, go to church and fall in love with Bonnie then? As for Elena...NEITHER. Any smart person would stay the hell away from the supernatural stuff, especially a serial killer and a serial rapist. Not to mention that both brothers are way better off ALONE than with Miss.Cardboard, who constantly dampens their intellect and balls.


I don't think that she will choose that soon. She doesn't even was really together with Damon.


I want her to be able to have both to be honest! I know I wouldn't be able to choose if i was her!


STEFEN! Elena must choose Stefan! :D


Always the thing with who will Elena chose?Pffff...

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