Who Else Will Return for the House Finale?

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Another familiar face is on her way back to Princeton-Plainsboro, but the overriding question remains: WHY?

With Olivia Wilde and Amber Tamblyn both confirmed for the May 21 House finale, TV Line now reports that Jennifer Morrison will also reprise the role of Cameron on the series concluding episode.

The Once Upon a Time star was last seen on season six, divorcing/bedding Chase.

Cameron Picture

Considering these cameos, and the title of the finale ("Everybody Dies") and the diagnosis of Wilson this week, it's hard not to imagine that many characters aren't returning for a funeral.

Another major clue: Kal Penn will also appear on the finale. And Kutner is dead.


This is going to be awful. They're giving us mediocre episode after mediocre episode, barely advancing the overall story, and they want to wrap everything up in a regular-length episode with every character coming back for some kind of encore dream/hallucination/flashback/computer simulation/other overused gimmick. Ten bucks says they wrap it up Lost-style, where everyone dies for no good reason and they meet up in the afterlife and nothing is really resolved.


oh man it's killing me because i saw them shooting some exterior shots on my street so i think i know what is going to happen. urghhhhh. i kinda want to spill the beans, but 3 episodes out it seems unfair. i'm assuming there will be a lot of fireworks on what we saw (yeah yeah i know that's a trite saying, but it's legit here)


I have always had a feeling House is actually in 'rewind' .. that House is dead..or everyone around him is.. he wants on that 'bus' but has to relieve the life..regardless let it end .


@-: Make me.


It will be great, just shut up


Does it give you an idea how ridiculous this thing is getting to be? Why can't Shore just tell a good story, instead of having to use "gimmicks," such as returning characters? Odds are, most or all of these "appearances" will have few-to-no lines and be seen on camera only slightly longer than the blink of an eye. Why, indeed?


Oh thank god its her I though it was someone eles

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