30 Rock Review: I Now Pronounce You Divorced

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Television shows, especially sitcoms, normally lose some of their luster as time goes on. Whether it be that the series actually gets worse, or simply our perception of it does because the novelty has worn off, more often than not, things are not going to be the same by season six.

Because of that fact, 30 Rock should be commended for how good its sixth season has been. There have been misses like Hazel Wassername, and big hits like the second live show, but all in all, this spring has been a solid run for the veteran sitcom.

Vow Renewal

Unfortunately, "What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?" wasn't one of 30 Rock's better outings. The season finale had some one-offs that were nice enough, like the different things Liz's plant baby was up to, the fact that Criss has seen everything The Beek has done except Dawson's and Kenneth's reasons for calling people he likes bitches.

There were very few truly hilarious moments, though, and that is what we usually look for in a great episode of 30 Rock. For a season finale, this was pretty underwhelming. There was too much Hazel, Jack and Avery weren't at their best, and Jenna and Tracy were sidelined a bit too much.

It was good to see Jack and Avery divorce before heading into next year's final run. There wasn't much more story to tell there, and they had to leave room for the inevitable push by fans to cheer for a final Jack/Lemon get together. Let me stop you now. It ain't happenin'.

Before taking off for the long off-season, check out some of our favorite lines from the season finale below and then head to our 30 Rock quotes section for the rest.

When you get back, sound off in the comments about what you liked, what you didn't like, and who is a better role model; Rosa Parks or Tyler Perry.

Liz: Hey, I don't bail. I am still watching Smash, Criss. | permalink
Jenna: Oh, poor baby. Can't hack it in the big city? Gonna move to the bay area now, pretend that that was your dream the whole time? Have fun always carrying a light sweater. | permalink
Kim Jong Il: I'm greatest waiter of all time. | permalink
Jenna: I played Avery Jessup in Kidnapped By Danger, now available on Sega Genesis. | permalink


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Although the finale might not have been full of minute-to-minute laugh out loud moments, it was filled with emotion. 30 Rock has been criticized for not having character development, for just being a 'joke machine', and I never really agreed with that assessment. I always felt invested in Liz's personal life, in Jack's romantic journeys, in Jenna and Tracy's eccentric adventures and Kenneth's next 'immortality' clue. However, this episode was heartwarming. Liz and Criss finally deciding to maybe have a baby, the scene with Jack offering Liz advice, Criss being the only one to laugh at Liz's attempt at humor during the ceremony.. it really was character development. I'm truly gutted that next season is to be the last season. I know that many people think that this previous season hasn't been as good as it could be, but I fervently disagree. I loved this season, and I thought it went from strength to strength. I know I'm pretty late comment wise, but I've just rewatched the finale and it really.. it warmed my cockles lol. Well done Tina Fey et al, you've done good!


I wasn’t exactly blown away by this season as a whole either, but it was easy enough to forgive the season finale because I felt like they were setting up their last season, which I expect they’ll pull out all the stops for. I was pretty bummed that I missed 30 Rock’s season finale the night it aired, but luckily I had PrimeTime Anytime enabled on my DVR, so it recorded it automatically. Even better, because the Auto Hop feature was recently added to the Hopper, I had the option to skip through the commercials automatically. I think the lack of interruptions made the episode flow better, and it made me happier than ever that one of my coworkers at Dish convinced me to get a Hopper.


"whoever they are..." LOL I was laughing so hard!
I liked Jack and Avery thought so that's sad but it was also funny.
Really, I thought the best parts where the ones with Kim Jong II, so funny! This episode was good. Not especially great, but at least all storylines were funny. Except Jenna's.. not sure it was a storyline at all, more a part of Hazel's..


i loved kim jong ils message at the end! jack and liz should be together!! "it was so satisfying on friends" lmao


UGH! finally. i thought i was the onlyone who hated avery and jack together. i liked her character but not for jack. two awesomes cancel each other out. they were boring together. like robin and barney on HIMYM


How do we know Criss didn't really rob the bank after all. I mean, he is a white male in his 30's. And I watched the episode again this morning -- more there the second time around, in my humble opinion. But I'm biased -- this has been and is still my favorite series, and I'll be sad to see it go. But next year will be a hoot, I'm sure!


I agree with the review. Planty and Me was great.

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30 Rock Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

Oh, poor baby. Can't hack it in the big city? Gonna move to the bay area now, pretend that that was your dream the whole time? Have fun always carrying a light sweater.


Hey, I don't bail. I am still watching Smash, Criss.