Army Wives Review: Blindsided

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"Fallout" brought to a conclusion the African situation and was full of interaction between the core Army Wives characters. I dare say it was the best episode of season six. Let's find out if you agree!

David's father showed up?!?
Wow, with as much as Joan and Roland went through to adopt - choosing in the end an older child with HIV - I could understand how ruffled Roland was when Marcus Williams showed up in his office. But when he immediately suspected the worst, I felt as though he made a tactical error from which he might not be able to recover.

Marcus admitted he had just found out about David, and for Roland's assumption he was there for money was quite an offensive leap toward someone he didn't even know.

Marcus showed up with a warrant for a DNA test. They're painting him as a bad man from the start, as Claudia Joy did some research and discovered he was in prison for the past six years. My gut tells me that will not be the case and the mistakes he made were paid for and he really wants to know his son. While they definitely got off on the wrong foot, I hope they're able to amicably work things out for David's sake.

Jackie Falls Further

Frank continues to suffer in silence
Denise knew Frank was suffering and he wouldn't let her in. It showed what interesting place it is where an Army wife sits. They are completely at the whim of their husbands. To push Frank before he was ready could put him into a position that might jeopardize his life and that of his troops. That didn't stop him from confronting the woman they left behind to personally apologize. For that he got spat in the face.

That was the catalyst for him to finally turn to her and admit that those kids won't leave him alone. Talking to his wife got some of the pain out, as carrying the burden on his own was too much to bear.

Roxy pushes harder than Denise
Pushing harder got her answers a bit quicker than Denise received from Frank, but they were no easier to hear. Trevor shared with her a story about civilians always paying the price of war. I detailed his story in the Army Wives quotes, so please take a look if you want to know the details. Suffice it to say, it rang true in the ironic way things happen in this weird life we live. Not only did he wish he had never seen some of the things he had in combat, but I bet Roxy was glad he hadn't shared everything with her once she learned a little bit about it.

Kevin is a nightmare
The Jackie barometer continued to rise as the reality of her life with Kevin surfaced more this week. His attitude toward her told the tale of why she arrived with such a chip on her shoulder. It's called survival. She had to be stone cold in order to survive her marriage. To underachieve wasn't an option, and she had not a soul to turn to, which would be why reconnecting with Denise was so important to her.

She finally broke when Kevin was yelling at her about him, him, him and all that he has suffered all these years for his place in the Army. She was incredulous that he didn't even recognize all that she had given up to get him where he was, and deeply hurt that he didn't have the courtesy to even ask about Mingy's suicide. He didn't follow through with the sentence, but he essentially said that if she couldn't handle the pressure then maybe she shouldn't be his wife.

It would seem Kevin could use an intervention and some serious counseling. I'm amazed he got as far as he did in the Army without a blowout happening sooner. I find it hard to believe what they were going through was the most difficult thing in his career.

Jackie turned to pills and alcohol and missed the banquet she spent months planning. At least he eventually called her and apologized, and she dumped her pills into the sink. There is always a new prescription available and abusers love to say they're sorry and fall back into old habits. Will that happen with the Clarks?

I'm finally looking forward to the future of Army Wives. This felt like a turning point toward what we've all been waiting for; the traditional storytelling and friendships we've come to love.


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did anyone see the previews for the 5/13/2012 episode


I'm trying to figure out whether or not Denise gave a kidney to Claudia Joy. Does anyone know yet?


Jackie Clark-I felt for Jackie Clark last night. At the beginnig of the season was ready to hate along with Claudia Joy, and then Pamela left and I really began to dislike her but over the last 2 or 3 wks she has grown on me. I think last night was her pool table moment the only thing missing was Burton family - I love how everything wasn't just seemless like David was little orphan Annie and it took them working together as a family to get where David feels comfortable enough to come into their room and sprawl out on the bed. Now this guy comes in claiming to be David's long lost father my head went the same direction as Roland's, this guy wants something, but maybe we're both wrong and all he wants is to get to know his son. The Soldiers - Frank had his best episode to date when he broke down in De's arms and when the lady spit in his face I really felt for him he really wanted to save those children but Frank does not know how to not follow orders.
Trevor sometimes gets on my nerves when he puts on that serious face but when he was telling Roxy about the causalties of war I just wated to hug him to to make him feel better


That Rachel Miller had no right to spit at Frank. He was just following orders. I understand she's angry but she needs to take it up with the Whitehouse (in the show).
Anyone see the irony in Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) telling Jackie not to attend a function wasted after Kim's weird speech about Army Wives when she had to be walked off stage! Addiction is no laughing matter.
Jackie should NOT go off a controlled substance cold turkey. It could cause seizures and worse esp if she was taking more than prescribed. She needs help.


I agree. I am still skeptical of David's birth father. He may be biologically related, but he still seems like a sketchy character. That said, David's whole home life seemed tenuous at best before the Burtons so maybe there is more to this story than we know. I am concerned about the legal implications of Marcus not being told he has a son. I have to disagree with CJ's statement that the adoption terminated his rights. In real life I have dear friends who LOST their adopted son after having him for a number of months when it was proven that the bio-dad didn't know he existed. The true victim in this will be David and I just pray that Marcus turns out to be a good man.


I am wondering what will happen when David's biological father finds out his son is HIV positive?? True colors may be more clear then


her name is Min Ji.

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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Roland: Do we know each other?
Marcus: No we don't.
Roland: But you told my assistant it was a family matter.
Marcus: It is. I'm David's father.

They're soldiers and they have to follow orders. If Trevor says it was the right call, then it was the right call.