Chris Zylka Teases Return of Nick, "Epic" Secret Circle Finale

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Nick is back on The Secret Circle. Viewers learned this shocking fact at the conclusion of last week's "Traitor."

But what will that actually mean for the coven, specifically brother Jake?

"Jake's going to go on an emotional roller coaster in this next episode," Chris Zylka tells TV Guide of this evening's "Prom." "Typical Jake, he tries to cover up his real emotions. I mean, what would you do if your dead brother came back?"

Good question. We'll need to get back to you on it.

Zylka adds that Nick is now "a lot more powerful" than before his death at the hands of Charles. How come? That's a "surprise," the actor teases.

Fair enough. What about The Secret Circle season finale?

"There's tons of death," Zylka says of the May 10 installment, titled "Family. "It's a pretty epic episode... with how strong the cliffhangers are, I think people are going to be more in awe of what happens next, then in awe of who just died."

How... intriguing. Read the full interview with Zylka now at TV Guide.


This season looks more passionate than all of them all and i blive that its gonna make everyone look like a judge to whats good and whats bad in choices people make in life and above all its got magic!


I really hope Secret Circle gets renew, man! just when it's starting to get good...oh and Ringer as well please

Sarah silva

Personally I do not think that Ringer dissapointed us at all. I would like to see Ringer back as well as Secret Circle.
I think that John will die and maybe Jake.


agree with @anon! This is going to be huge! There seems to be some huge twists, I just hope they don't dissappoint as Ringer did in the final!
I think this is the only newCW show which will stay for next season! :D


Can't wait! Can't wait! Very excited about these final two episodes and hoping the CW gives a 2nd season renewal.

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