Common Law Series Premiere: What Did You Think?

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Having gotten an early look at Common Law, USA's latest take on its Characters Welcome theme, TV Fanatic critic Chandel Charles wrote an advanced review of the Michael Ealy and Warren Kole-anchored series earlier this week.

Read it now and see if you agree with this take on Common Law.

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Then, having now seen it for yourself, go ahead and chime in: What did you think? Give the Common Law pilot a grade:


I thought it was the cutest summer program there was, and I keep looking to see when it will return. I'm really disappointed that I haven't seen it yet. I think it would be a great addition to any lineup.


So this show finally premiered in Canada on the Showcase network. It had me for the first 15 minutes - the banter was great. As soon as the procedural started though, it lost me, and I couldn't keep my interest in it. I'll give it a couple more episodes though.


I really enjoyed this show. Watched all episodes. The acting was great and loved the banter between the main characters. Certainly hope USA renews this show. Highlight of my Friday nights. Will miss it as last Fri. was the season finale.


if this is what the police are like .......................we are in BIG TROUBLE..................STUPIDEST SHOW ON TV


Hi. We watched this series while on holiday in Florida. Just
Wanted to know weather anyone knows weather this will
Come over to the UK?


2 thumbs up


well i loved it, hopefully it will last, because if they can cancel secret circle and ringer, whose to say what these fuckheads will end up doing...for now at least we can drool over the gorgeous male leads and it takes me back to the great chemistry of lethal least now we have much hotter male leads... but mel gibson was hot back in the day, remember tequila sunrise...


Writers on this show need to write better crimes stories and work on the bromance. It just felt weak all over. Almost like a weak and bland crime procedural on CBS. Supposedly CBS is a partner with USA network so i guess it's makes sense why this show doesn't have the quirky life force found in other USA shows.


I loved it!!! I love USA network! These 2 hunks were great! I love their storylines! I can't wait for the next episode!


Love it!