Common Law Series Premiere: What Did You Think?

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Having gotten an early look at Common Law, USA's latest take on its Characters Welcome theme, TV Fanatic critic Chandel Charles wrote an advanced review of the Michael Ealy and Warren Kole-anchored series earlier this week.

Read it now and see if you agree with this take on Common Law.

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Then, having now seen it for yourself, go ahead and chime in: What did you think? Give the Common Law pilot a grade:


well i for my part. think that Michael Ealy and Warren Kole are two hunky beast:D ... that alone would be a reason for me to watch it..yeah I am shallow like that.LOL:D ... but to be honest I really liked it...


just watched it. got to say i am in love, i absolutely love the style of USA Network's original shows! this one was no different. it was dynamic, quick witted, fun and charming in it's flirtatiousness. i have a feeling that i am going to get addicted to it.


A Friday Premiere ?/.,;'? I was watching b-ball missed it.