Cougar Town Review: Where Laurie Solves Racism

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As Cougar Town begins winding down towards its season (hopefully not series, I’m staying positive) finale, "Southern Accents" begins moving the final pieces in place for the characters.

Jules Worries

The three main stories keep pushing the characters along, as this season has done so well already. Andy thinks about running for Mayor, Bobby and Laurie try to get to the root of his racism problems and Grayson and Jules try to work on a way to fold Holly into their lives.

I fully support Andy as Mayor if only because he can supply a “come on!” in some kind of campaign speech. Plus, giving Ellie some semblance of power is the best thing that could ever happen. If her list of demands is any indication, the entire town is in for a world of Ellie, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Not only that, Ellie would need to interact with people, and, well, that’s gold too.

Laurie and Bobby working on his racism seems like a rather odd character flux for Bobby. I don’t see him as a racist. Bobby is a very sweet, nice man, and while he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, he’s never cruel and mean. Plus, his lover is Latino.

However, as odd as the character change is, Laurie’s solving of racism, and her reason why, probably won the night in terms of quotes:

Laurie: If there's anything we've learned from Michelle Pfieffer in Dangerous Minds, or Sandy Bullock in The Blind Side, or Hilary Swank in that movie nobody ever saw, is that all you need to fix minority problems is a really pretty white woman. | permalink

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It’s one of the aspects of Cougar Town that I love. The long drawn out bits that aren’t always the funniest in the moment or look like they aren’t leading to anything funny or enlightening in particular, and then the show pulls the rug out from under you and lays a quote like Laurie’s that makes the bit worth it.

It’s not the easiest thing to do when comedy, by its very nature, has to keep things moving and people laughing before they check out from boredom, and it takes a certain level of trust on both sides to do.

Finally tonight, there’s Jules and Grayson. I love Jules, and her neurotic obsessing over Travis and Holly hooking up and making sure to make use word of day. Super-lative, anyone? And while Travis’ hooking up with Holly is sort of odd, I can’t help but wonder if this is a subtle hint by the show that Travis isn’t a kid anymore, he’s going to potentially hook up with or date women older than him. Which means he could potentially try something with Laurie.

Sidebar aside, I love this collective family that has begun forming, and watching Jules, the mother hen, welcome Holly into her home with a glass of wine is a wonderful cap on the episode.

Well, other than the pig trial, and I would totally watch that show.


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February 7, 2011 at 6:22 am Great episode guys, made me laugh out loud at Friends, and also cendisor it's craft, which I hadn't done in forever thanks to E4 rerunning it to death in the UK. (Incidentally, I had never thought about there being a best' episode of Friends until Dan Feinberg discussed this ep on a podcast ep with Alan Sepinwall). I do agree with Joe tho about the Phoebe seducing Chandler ep I remember actually crying with laughter when I first watched the seduction scene.Incidentally, if you like Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan in Episodes, you should try Green Wing, and excellent hospital-set UK comedy (kind of an hour long cross between a sitcom and sketch show with plenty of surreal stuff). I have a feeling it will be to your lots' taste.


This episode contained, for me, one of the most disturbing moments of the show, and one of the funiest:
- disturbing: Travis kissing the mother of his sister. I was as freaked out as Jules.
- funny: Ellie covered in coffee because of Andy XD


I didn't find anything out of character with the racism story arc. It was clear that Bobby wasn't really racist. He just said something innocuous initially that was taken the wrong way. He just obsessed over it like members of the Cobb family tend to do. The truth is Bobby like Laurie just speaks without thinking how it might be perceived. The plot was boring though but you are right Laurie's line was a great payoff. Although I do think they could have used Edwin Hodge better. He's a great actor and limiting his scenes to skype is a shame. I laughed out loud at Grayson and Travis discussing Holly's kissing technique. I think you are right in this being away to push Jules' comfort level toward being ok with him and Laurie. The only out of character thing I saw was Barb's marriage. It made no sense that she would be marrying someone her age all of a sudden. I keep waiting to see her pop up at Travis' college.


Another great episode, this season has been so good it's just a shame it doesn't get the ratings it deserves....I would love a 4th season but how likely is that? Also, do you think if Andy became mayor he would have the power to change the show's name?

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Cougar Town Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Jules: You know what I learned from my friendship with Ellie?
Grayson: There's no such thing as too mean?
Travis: Never let your friends know for sure if you like them?
Jules: Always hold a grudge?

If there's anything we've learned from Michelle Pfieffer in Dangerous Minds, or Sandy Bullock in The Blind Side, or Hilary Swank in that movie nobody ever saw, is that all you need to fix minority problems is a really pretty white woman.