David McCallum Signs Two-Year Extension With NCIS

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David McCallum will return to NCIS for a 10th season next fall, and an 11th the year after that if the series continues on CBS. The original cast member agreed to a new, two-year contract this week.

McCallum is one of four original cast members whose contracts are up at the end of this season, along with Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray (who joined during the first season).

During the quartet’s previous renegotiation two years ago, McCallum again was the first to reach a new agreement at the end of April. Talks with the other three stretched past the upfronts into June.

Gibbs and Duck

There is indication of that scenario happening again this year, with Weatherly, Perrette and Murray all in various stages of new negotiations. All ultimately re-signed then, of course, and are expected to again.

The rest of the cast, including leading man and executive producer Mark Harmon, is already under contract through the conclusion of NCIS Season 10, which was recently announced by CBS.

The Scottish-born McCallum, 78, has been a TV institution for decades, most notably in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Sapphire & Steel, and now our beloved Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard on NCIS.

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So glad David McCullum will be returning. Talk about a class act.
I've been a Huge fan of his for ages. For a multitude of reasons, I wish they would get rid of Jamie Lee Curtis .
Her character had no value; she can't act (no news flash there); Gibbs is not stupid enough to not see thru her BS manipulative ways; Gibbs won't fall for her because she is not a redhead; her character has proven to be untrustworthy; etc.
They should get rid of her in the very first episode next season and show she's been selling out to terrorists. This show has such Great writing and character development, except for her character.
She is bringing the entire show down and is a poor reflection of all the talent behind the show.


i love this show have been a hugh fan from the very first episode. i love all the characters and hope everyone returns for season 10. just would not be the same if anyof them were to leave the all make the show a success. keep up the great work guys


Question S6 EP23 - What was te relationship with Gibbs an Cal? Also what did Abby mean she
said the last time (Gibbs) went to LA someone did not come back


Friday Hope Ducky, will be back! Now, who won't be back? Wait untill the fall...?
Excellent series! The writing and cast do a wonderfull job!


I seriously nearly went bug shit when I saw ducky hit the sand... This has put my mind at rest


I'm glad l googled also. I wouldn't want to lose any of the family, especially Ducky. I love Curtis and her character. She is not old. As much as l like Dir. Vance, his character has been changed and can be still be. l like the transfer of people between D.C. and LA. We just this year discovered NCIS and have caught up all previous programs. We hopee it never ends. The people are so real.


Oh,how I cried watching the last show on demand last night,crying out Oh,Nooo not Ducky.
I to,watched Man from U.N.C.L.E.
I had just wondered to myself last week,how long will Ducky last,then that scene.
So glad,I decided to Google,but some people lost their lives in the bomb,as Ducky says No one touch the deseased til I arrive and goes to his knees and falls onto his side.
I hope we don't lose any of the Main characters,like CSI Las Vegas it was hard to watch after Sara and Grisham left,glad she came back married to Grisham,whose overseas and I love his newest replacement.
So,yay Ducky hope your not back as a ghost.


Why don't they just get rid od Jamie Lee Curtis, and make Tony, Gibbs new love interest? That would bring some excitement into ths show.Sure would make it interesting.


Good to know. After watching the 9th season ending I had to know if the heart attack was fatal or not. I love NCIS and it just wouldn't be the sane without Ducky. Peggy, I too used to watch Man From U.N.C.L.E. Wow, does that give a hint about our age. LOL I hope they don't lose any of the cast members. They fit together so well.


Where is the 2nd episode about Abby's family? Tony say stupid things at times, but he needs to spent time on being a man instead of a clown. But then this is the Gibbs show.

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