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Like any good story that hits its stride the more you get into it, "Worst Case Scenario was anything but what the title suggested for Holly fans (like me), as Fargo found that Holly is alive... or rather still exists in Beverly Barlow’s constructed computer world.

Apparently I was wrong in my initial assessment that Felicia Day wouldn't be able to come back as Holly in some fashion, and I have never been happier to be wrong. But you have to admit, it’s so hard to know when to let go and when to hold on to a favorite character in this show, this amazingly well written show.

Jack Is Not Happy

The thing about Holly and Fargo that I have adored all along is the innocence of their love. While they both are geniuses, neither had figured out how to crack the code of dating and romance - until they found each other. I’m really pulling for a happy ending for them, and I won’t give up so easily this time!

On the flipside of that in this episode, we had Jo realizing that it wasn’t Jack she had the conversation with. Honestly, I was really glad that this came out in the open quickly so that we didn’t have to endure weeks of Jo’s snarky behavior. She can be as sharp as a razor when she is upset and I like happy-fun Jo much more. 

What did you think of Allison’s apology and explanation? I give it full points for sincerity and honesty; I just think it was a little late. Allison should have also told Jack what she had done; Jack should know why Jo was mean to him for days. Then again, if Jo knew about the brain swapping, why didn’t Jack just tell her he might not have been behind the wheel at the time she talked to him? That seem odd to anyone else?

I’m three for three on couples, too, as it seems like Grace and Henry are working things out. I’m guessing that Tembi Locke - who plays Grace - needed an episode (or two) off and this was a way to cover that absence. Regardless of the reason, I’m looking forward to seeing her and Henry looking cute and adorable together again soon. 

Overall it was a good episode; the disaster drills (fake and real) story elements were an amusing way to tie the ongoing story elements together. But it never felt like GD or Eureka was really in danger. They figured out what was going on so quickly that even Jack knew what the next step was to rescue Jo (and that cute little guinea pig). Danger or not, we can't forget the awesome Eureka quotes this week. This one was my favorite:

Fargo: My Office dropped into the bunker.
Larry: Evacuation protocols kicked in early.
Jack: Bad time for premature evacuation. | permalink


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Must agree with Bob with the timeline thing. Especially since when Henry tried to change time to save Kim in an earlier season and created an alternate timeline this caused a reality destroying anomaly and they had to go back and prevent it.


I will miss this show!


I wonder if they're angling for a Frankenstein story line with the whole "covert experiment" thing... and did anyone else believe Fargo was going to ditch the earpiece right before jacking into the Matrix? Should be interesting to see how this series gets wrapped up.


This season the Fargo and Holly storyline is making me watch every episode immediately. Right now i don't understand how they can have happy ending. Technically she still is dead and her "live" body is somewhere and in the Matrix world she seems to be not aging not hungry and it looks like she isn't gonna die. So can Fargo and Holly have a happy ending.


I liked the episode i do agree with the review nice to have Holly back, open the flood gates to Fargo popping off into the Matrix world.
I also agree maybe Jack needs to ask why Jo was so pissed at him, what happened and why did she suddenly stop. Also why was Alison cold to him too? you would think he would want to know, i think it was kinda dealt with too quickly. I think maybe this will come back something might trigger off some sort of outing of this info to Jack, after all he may not appreciate Alison pretending to being him.


Great to see Holly again. I liked the existential discussion Zane and Fargo had about Holly and themselves. "Premature evacuation" ha!


I still enjoy the show, but I think Eureka jumped the shark with the timeline reboot. Let's just "cure" Kevin's autism (the most outrageous missed opportunity at doing some good writing on dealing with a current issue), give Henry a new romance, make Fargo a bumbling exec instead of a bumbling assistant. And we need a more likable Andy, so let's switch actors. Since Nathan is gone, let's put in another Allison rival with James Callis doing a horrible '40's American accent,right, Pally? We want Jo to be less subordinate to Carter, so let's make her the GD security honcho... Oh, and we don't wanna thik about that "artifact" thingy any more. But let's not work at developing these, let's take the "alternate timeline" easy way out. POOF... instant changes with no effort... Now they are in a corner with the "Matrix" adjustments. Grace having problems reconciling with "her" Henry? He was never "her" Henry!! Henry even alludes to it about "keeping secrets" himself (before he revealed the timeline change to her). And what is with all these relationship "rivalries"? Nathan/Carter/Allison, Carter/Grant/Allison, Jo/Zoe/Zane, Fargo/Issac/Holly, Zane/Carter/Jo/Allison? Friggin soap-opera drama? Let's bring Holly back, and the cute redhead from Warehouse 13 again, and let them mud-wrestle over Fargo while we're at it, for cryin' out loud... I still wanna hear Henry sing some Blues Brothers 2000(Heartlight ROCKS Joe Morton!!) Eureka... so much potential... such lazy writers... sad... going to Netflix to see the early stuff and get the spirit back...


My favourite quote's from Andy: 'A ground level communications tower? How oxymoronic! and without missing a beat 'Not you, boss' He knows Jack well.

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Eureka Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Zane: Is there anything else you want to yell me about?
Jo: No, I'm good for now, maybe over dinner.

Fargo: My Office dropped into the bunker.
Larry: Evacuation protocols kicked in early.
Jack: Bad time for premature evacuation.