Gabe Saporta to Guest Star on Gossip Girl Season Finale

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Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta will guest star the Gossip Girl season finale May 14.

The 32-year-old will make his acting debut in the episode, "The Return of The Ring" (for much more on the big episode, follow the link for our Gossip Girl season finale spoilers article and discussion).

"Acting is something that has been of interest to him for a while," a source says of Saporta, 32, whose casting was first reported by E! Online. "So when he was offered the role, he jumped at it."

"I can tell you that he's playing a character that is not a musician," the informer said.

Gabe Saporta

This isn't Saporta's first Gossip Girl collaboration. Cobra Starship's hit song "Good Girls Go Bad" features vocals by Leighton Meester, who also appears in the video. The song has been featured on Gossip Girl as well.

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i guess he is serena's love interest


No, you know my position, I am a big fan of Serena and Dan! Love triangle, we watched in the season 4 between Dan-Serena-Nate. Then it had not worked properly and it will not now too. But if you're thinking of a threesome in one episode between Georgina-Serena-Devlin, then I am absolutely for.


@Zoran It would be epic if gerogina actually does know him a little love triangle between S and G ;)


You're right for Josh. But I think this new actor, as may be named Devlin, has nothing to do with Jenny, and perhaps even with Georgina. Otherwise it would look too easy. And is it Charlotte's brother, it's just a question? If he's half-brother of Chuck, but it would somehow be possible, but then i continued this farce about Chucks family in season 6. I think this is GG, and everything is possible, but next season should be the final responses to the fate of the characters, rather than creating new puzzles.


@Zoran you made another mistake not the writers but JOSH doesn't know how to write -.- haha lol But the thing is with Devlin is that where I got my source about him ,someone said that he was made up and that he was meant to come already on the episodes on Monday ... But that's after I found out about him and told everyone thn this guy comes so I don't know will see I guess :) but hopefully Devlin is real even if he isn't a Rhodes at least the fact he knows Jenny, went out with Gergoina and that he was known everyone for some reason is true ... But to make it even better is if he is either Chuck's half brother which is possible or that he is Nate's because Nate doesn't have that much family drama now :( haha lol or Blair's cousin ;) but oh y god hopefully this is Devlin Rhodes :D


@Marco @pty
Sorry I made a mistake about the name! However, I do not think that Devlin to break up the relationship by Dan and Blair. He was there for another reason, and we will see in season 6. I think he is there to replace Dan with Serena, because it seems that actors Blake and Penn can no longer act together. Stupid was as writers throughout the season put Serena to suffer for the Dan, and at the end of the season she went with another man. She did not have to suffer at all for Dan, the writers really do not know how to write a decent story for Serena this season. But make no mistake I still remain a big fan of Serena and Dan!


@pty well Carol dd already hide a whole family to Lola and the rhodes family didn't know about Charlie so wouldn't be surprise if Carol hide another child To her own family but idk of Devlin and Derick? :? Where did that come from? I know Devlin is a character coming soon but I don't know of his real or just made up . But who ever this guy plays might be Devlin or not :/ who knows but hopefully it is Devlin :D


I don't want to dissapoint anybody but I just can't believe this Devlin or Derick rumor. On 5x21 Lola said to Serena that she really didn't have much sibbling experience. If this Devlin Rhodes is real and Carol's son, how come Lola said that? If he actually exists and is Carol's son, shouldn't Lola have grown up with him? Or are we supposed to believe Carol hide her son from her own daughter? Or the Devlin guy is a foiler and the Cobra Starship guy is just gonna play a new love interest for Serena or whatever, or Devlin is a Rhodes but not Carol's son. Personally I'm sick of these random family members popping out of nowhere.


Oh my god His actually real :| I found out that he wasn't last week now I know he is :D

Snow not so white

Ooooh I think we have a new love interest for Serena... Like the old days, right? Hahaha just how the most of us want it here... like the old days ;)

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