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To be honest, this episode of Girls started out slow - but definitely went out with a crazy finish. I was sort of yawning my way through "Hannah's Diary," with the exception of a few giggles, until Hannah and her eyebrows dropped that speech on Adam and Ray and Charlie's band dropped their bomb.

Jessa, who I normally find to be an entertaining character, has been lulled into a dull storyline. Does anyone else think something might happen with her and the dad of the kids for whom she nannies?

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Shoshanna finally got herself a storyline, but unfortunately it's super hard for me as a reviewer to be professional about this one. I loved it, it was great, realistic, well done and well written, but here's the hitch: I've know her "camp friend" Matt since I was six years old. The actor, Skylar Astin, is best known in the theater world and got his big break when he first starred in Spring Awakening with Glee gal Lea Michele.  

So I kind of got the giggles when i watched him pull down Shoshanna's underwear and talked about how he loves to "eat p*ssy." This is my very dear friend's baby bro. Aside from that, I thought he played the part flawlessly, especially off of Shoshanna, who is the queen of insecurities and so desperately wants to shed her virginity. Her banter trying to downplay her innocence was amusing. I'm like the least virginy virgin.

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It was also slightly impossible to take Hannah seriously when she had those eyebrows painted on. I was laughing out loud and not with her, but at her. Sorry but those were hilarious. Also this new touchy boss is creepy. Reiki is a massage technique that involves no touching. Soooo there's that.

For a smart girl, Hannah is not the brightest. She also doesn't know how to take a picture of herself on her iPhone. Half the point of having an iPhone is for all of the cool camera functions. Also, she is dumb enough to a guy who sends a picture of a his junk wrapped in a squirrel skin. Enough said.

The climax of the episode was obviously the ending. First was Hannah's speech to loser Adam. I'm sorry but any girl who gives the whole "I don't want a boyfriend but I do want monogamy speech" is just lying. It's the same thing, it really is. Let's stop with the BS. While I respect her for finally being honest and saying she isn't comfortable with him sleeping with other girls, Adam probably won't change.

Lastly, Ray and Charlie with the journal was just insane. I didn't really see that coming. I thought maybe Hannah wrote some dirty confession or something embarrassing, but the fact that it was the truth about Marnie's relationship was just wow. Then the whole reaction with the drink to the face, and Jessa laughing kind of displayed all of the girls personalities in a quick five-second sequence. Marnie uptight, Hannah naive, Jessa amused, Shoshanna insecure.

What did everyone think of this week's episode? Slow start but strong finish or just boring? What do you think will happen with Charlie and Marnie? Hit the comments!


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The show is getting better and better. I think they are still trying to figure the characters out themselves. But overall i think they will have it together by the season end.


i think the show is getting better by the episode. definitely agree that something will happen with the dad. good call, great review!


LOVED this episode. For me it was the best one since the pilot. Just wish there was more Marnie (she only had like 2 scenes) but this show hasn't figured out how to give all 4 girls a storyline in every episode, 1 usually gets short changed in each episode (last week Shoshanna had one scene). I agree the Jessa stoyline is boring but its going to pick up because she is def going to sleep with that dad! Hannahs speech to Adam was awesome and the actress did a phenomenal job there I really believed it. The ending scene with the diary was epic although I knew it was coming. I assumed that was what the friend had read and thats why he didnt want Adam to see it. I get that Marnie is upset but its not like Hannah said anything bad in her journal that she didnt say to Marnie's face already! How about being mad at your boyfriend for rummaging through your roommates stuff?! Overall a solid episode. 8/10 for me.

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