Gossip Girl Clips: Destroy Her!

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In two new sneak peeks from tonight's Gossip Girl season finale, Dan learns of the scandal that's brewing surrounding his girlfriend's leaked diary and Blair makes up her mind to destroy Serena.

First, we see Serena conveniently tell Dan that she's working on the issue with B's diary ... which he had not heard about prior to this. She begs him not to read Gossip Girl. That's happening.

Later, we see Blair in damage control mode, but thanks to another blast from G.G., she seems resigned to the fact that her efforts may be in vain. Quietly enraged, she hatches a different plan:

Find whatever you can on Serena and destroy her ...

Be sure to check out the producers' preview of "The Return of the Ring" as well as our updated Gossip Girl season finale spoilers page for all things pertaining to tonight's much-anticipated episode.

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Wait, wasn't there a spoiler posted and it said that Blair went to Chuck he rejected her then she went back to Dan.? I might be confused..


For everything that happens to Blair, she is guilty. No one has forced her to write bad in her diary about the people to whom she cares about most - her friends, family and boyfriends. What kind of person who thinks ill of her friends, and the biggest problem for her is that they do not know. It is not Serena's fault that GG attack Blair. Blair's own fault because she stole from her best friend, Serena, the love of her life, Dan. Blair does not accept responsibility for what she did, but switched to the other - Serena. Serena, when she was a GG, refused to publish the diary of Blair, because she did not want to hurt Blair. The only reason if Dan will leave Blair is that he find our that Blair wants to destroy Serena. Dan realizes that Blair has not changed and the break with her. It is time for Blair to wake up and accepts responsibility for her mistakes. Unless she fails to do so she will bear the consequences, and this time there will not be Serena to take a bullet for her!

Snow not so white

@chucks girl ooooh I'm so proud of Chuck ^^ And I love Blair's outfit ♥


even after the new clip of chuck and blair on the rooftop i still believe they will end up together


bye bye gg!!! i thought dair could be gg's saving grace after season 3. but no, this show is a retarded show. i used to love chuck and blair. the writers ruined them. just when i thought dair could be beautiful, they ruined them too. they ruined every single character. nobody to love anymore. nothing. dan, perhaps. nate, perhaps. i regret wasting my time on this damn dajjalic dung called gossip girl.


serena so knew what she was doing when she "accidently" mentioned blair's diary to dan. lame.


Tonight is a good day, because its finally that day when we are going to see who's guess is closest to the series.

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