Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Choice is Clear ...

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We still don't know who Blair chooses ... but we do know the choice is clear.

That's according to show-runner Joshua Safran, who assures us she will choose one Gossip Girl guy over the other by the time the season finale, "The Return of the Ring," draws to a close.

The May 14 event will NOT feature a cliffhanger when it comes to her choice between Chuck and Dan, E! confirms this afternoon ... Blair Waldorf makes a clear choice between Dan and Chuck.

Dan, Blair and Chuck

Who do you think it is, based on this and the rest of the Gossip Girl season finale spoilers we've posted so far? Share your comments with us ... and vote for who you want her to be with below:

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I don't think any fans should be slating other fans for their preferences. People can have their opinions but that doesn't mean they are right and someone else is wrong. We can have decent discussions on here without resorting to name calling.


Im sure they arent stupid all together just obviously when it comes to this ppl with sense would use it and "dair fans" use worst language then that


I think you should try to avoid labelling other fans as stupid. It does you or your preferences no favours.


No one is saying that all the characters don't have their good and bad points. I have no problem with admitting chuck has changed etc. I guess the reason I have for not wanting Chair to get back together is because I got bored of them. I lost interest in Chair after Raina. I actually rooted for them through the hotel thing, Jenny etc but just watching Blair crumple after inadvertently witnessing chuck tell Raina his feelings for her I was over it. Blair and Dan begun so well with their friendship that I could really see it but the writers ruined it with he royal wedding fiasco of a plot! Also theyve written Dair as a couple so poorly that I am now apathetic about her choice.


(cont.2) about. We want it at its roots; scandals and betrayals. The reason we've been tuning in for years. So get off the "perfection" high horse and stop blaming someone for past mistakes, judge them on the present because who you are yesterday is not who you are today. Chuck has been through more agonising pain than anyone on this series and he deserves to be commended for not letting it consume him; TEAM BASS!


(cont.)I don't like these double standards. Blair is no saint either. Everyone has done questionable things but if one were to look overall Chuck is the one that has progressed the most. He has done some remarkable things despite what he's been through. How many times did Blair screw with his feelings this season and in a moment of confusion he made a mistake that he apologised for and made amends. Season 1, 2 and 3 Chuck would never have done that, let alone agreed to raise someone else's child. Frankly, I'd be fine if Dan and Blair end up together (even if Dan is a worse person with her and has seemed more miserable than happy) as long as Chuck gets the happiness that he has earned this season by making the change: he is facing just as many painful trials as the past but his methods of coping with it are different. He has become someone worthy of respect. It's Gossip Girl people; we complain it's boring but want the characters to be perfect? Not how it works. Not what Gossip Girl is about.


I see people stating that Chuck hasn't changed at all and that bothers me. Chuck has changed tremendously in the last season. Yes, he has made one or two mistakes along the way but that's what makes this change so real. If it was a miraculous change with no learning curbs it wouldn't be credible at all! He's learning as he goes. The one or two slips everyone jumps at the chance to say he's a monster but he is human; every other character in this show has made those mistakes this season. It's freaking Gossip Girl people, not One Tree Hill of the later seasons. If everyone was perfect what would be the point of Gossip Girl? Furthermore, give credit where credit is due. Dan also schemed throughout this season and personality wise he's become even more judgemental and cruel. The way he turned on Chuck the instant it suited him and let other people take the blame for his mistakes is wrong too. If Chuck had sent the video in during the wedding he'd be evil for some but Dan is "courageous"?


I really believe all.you dan and blair ppl are stupid chuck and blair had great moments,sad moments,and just crazy at times. That being said I can see.why they love.each other the stupid thing is to spend half a season confessing your love for someone then out of the blue.cuz some fag wrote a book.that they all.should have sued him for you like him with no reason no purpose. Blair hurt chuck and serena the ppl she love most for the guy who dated every female in the show and was in love supposely with her best friend. She dates the guy who ruined her wedding and he did it for who himself. Why cuz dan is selfish just like everyone else on this show difference is chuck does anything for blair and visversa even if its terrible at times they have true love all dan.has is his stalkin fantasy of blair in his crappy ass book. I hope though doubt she picks chuck because anything else proves this show is bullshit


Thank God for someone else with the right idea. You articulated my feelings exactly!


I have been rewatching season 1 and 2 and Serena and Dan were awesome. If Derena can get back to that I am all for them getting back together. Dan and Blair hardly touch each other Chair and Derena are so passionate! The love scene between Serena amd Dan with the candles were amazing! Chair is epic!

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 24 Quotes

I don't want to be Mr. Blair Waldorf. I'm Chuck Bass.


You say I always bet against you. Not this time. I'm all in.