Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Choice is Clear ...

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We still don't know who Blair chooses ... but we do know the choice is clear.

That's according to show-runner Joshua Safran, who assures us she will choose one Gossip Girl guy over the other by the time the season finale, "The Return of the Ring," draws to a close.

The May 14 event will NOT feature a cliffhanger when it comes to her choice between Chuck and Dan, E! confirms this afternoon ... Blair Waldorf makes a clear choice between Dan and Chuck.

Dan, Blair and Chuck

Who do you think it is, based on this and the rest of the Gossip Girl season finale spoilers we've posted so far? Share your comments with us ... and vote for who you want her to be with below:

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Never been a "die-hard" Chair fan but I could never deny their chemistry or that they are each other's soulmates and I therefore believe Blair having to choose between Chuck and Dan is actually quite insulting to the Chair fans, Blair and Chuck too. I've watched GG from season 1 and Blair dating Dan is totally inconsistent with her character. Would make more sense if it was a Blair/Nate/Chuck love triangle. No wonder these writers got a shortened sixth season!


chuck and blair
serena and nate
dan and somebody in rome?or maybe lola? idc happy ending


While we are again running through the old abuse argument, I just wanted to make a comment. So in the scene of 4x20 when Chuck supposedly 'abused' Blair, Chuck says the phrase 'You're mine Blair'.
I was thinking, if a woman had said this to a man it would be completely fine. They would pass it off as being 'cute and jealous.' Even romantic.
But when a man says something like this people start screaming abusive relationship and possessiveness.
If you really think about it, it just goes to show that nothing about this whole 'feminism' trend that a lot of Dair fans have promotes equality. Dan and Blair are not equals. Blair bosses him around like there's no tomorrow. She acts like his mother. Like she has some sort of upper hand over him. Chuck and Blair is one of the only relationships Blair has had that she is equal with her partner, and doesn't treat them as if they are about 5 years old.


Chair is endgame. It was always supposed to be endgame. I'm naturally, not going to watch this, as it became far beyond idiotic. This is the only show that invested a season and a half into building the most honest and right relationship for two amazingly built characters, only to throw it away so to not anger fans. They did this btw, with original Chair also. we had an amazing built up for like 2 seasons, only to have them be as boring as possible in season 3, horrible in season 4, and just plain ridiculous in season 5.
I was never a shipper, I'm still not, I'm a fan of good story-telling. Chair is one of the most horrible story-telling on TV right now. There is no actual reasonable reason for her to go back to him like she will, aside from the fan pressure. What they had managed to build between Blair and Dan is amazing. It's so worth fighting for.. I am so sad that it will all be gone, in favor of Derena and Chair.


@Tinkelbell I really hope that happens! That would be awesome!


i really like your theory :)


I hope it will be Dan, but I'm kind a certain it is Chuck Bassss.


@Tinkelbell, If it is true, it makes sense. So far, Blair was never alone to made decisions by which guy she will be, yet they decided instead her! This will be the first time that Blair decides itself which guy she wants to be next to her. Which means that the old Blair is back and take her life in her hands! And because Chuck has changed for the better, he just needs to follow his sweetheart! I just hope that they will do the same, Serena and Dan!


I love that idea! Let's cross our fingers that someone like these happens! It seems plausible! x


@Emily, NJBC is not love club, you are wrong. Besides the four permanent members of NJBC - Serena, Blair, Nate and Chuch, the only one who could be a new member is Dan. Dan has already been associated with NJBC in past seasons. Now is not part of NJBC because he is related to Blair. You overlooked one important fact, that for Serena Dan is the man of her life. And it certainly is not Nate, unless you think the book of GG.

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