Gossip Girl Spoiler: The Choice is Clear ...

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We still don't know who Blair chooses ... but we do know the choice is clear.

That's according to show-runner Joshua Safran, who assures us she will choose one Gossip Girl guy over the other by the time the season finale, "The Return of the Ring," draws to a close.

The May 14 event will NOT feature a cliffhanger when it comes to her choice between Chuck and Dan, E! confirms this afternoon ... Blair Waldorf makes a clear choice between Dan and Chuck.

Dan, Blair and Chuck

Who do you think it is, based on this and the rest of the Gossip Girl season finale spoilers we've posted so far? Share your comments with us ... and vote for who you want her to be with below:

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Lol I love when ppl trash dan because I HATE him


chair ftw!!!.
dan just go to rome and find someone to flirt with there..maybe some hot chick perhaps.?


Okay, so this might be really weird but since my 'feeling' about the whole Diana/Jack-thing was pretty right, I'm just gonna spill this thought as well:
I read a comment on Twitter that said Chuck's 'say yes' motto will come back in the seasons finale in a way he doesn't expect. The episode is called The Return of the Ring and apparently the end scene of that episode is on the roof top of the empire hotel. So i'm thinking: Chuck doesn't propose to Blair, but Blair proposes to Chuck. That way he is obviously saying yes in a way he doesn't expect, she is making a clear choice between him and Dan AND it would explain the episodes titel, PLUS it would be some kind of shock and she's the powerful woman she always wanted to be. Maybe it's really weird, but since Bart Bass is still alive I consider everything as possible! :P


In the preview for the next episode, Blair says that the 4 most important things in a relationship and sex, trust, hygiene and earning potential. Dan has none of these, their sex together sucks unless they are drunk, they are already lying to each other all the time so there is obviously no trust, Dan has no hygiene to speak of, I mean look at his hair, and his writing sucks, he's got writers block after writing two pages of his new 'book', so no earning potential there. Dan ticks none of those boxes. Chuck on the other hand, ticks all of them. So unless Blair changes her 4 most important things to greasy hair, pathetic writer, no money, and rat infested loft in the next few episodes, then I don't see why she would choose Dan over Chuck.


Has to be Chair they are epic, I'm going to be very sad if she picks Humdrum ; (


Dair all the way


I am a fan of both Dair and Chair. While I guess I hope that Chair is endgame, I'm not ready to see Dair break up just yet. I guess as long as Serena and Nate do NOT end up together, I am happy.


Btw guys,
Season 6 is officially confirmed by the WRITERS. Safran replied to a fan on twitter saying that 'season 6 in in great hands' and that 'it will rule!'' CW didn't announce it yet but they will probably do so on May 17. Lets hope its a FULL SEASON, not 13.


@chuck bass, ingilizce konus ulan. :P Sezon 6 gerceklesicek, son sezon buyuk ihtimalle ama devam edicek. Twitter'da GG yazalari fan'lara cevap veriyolardi 2 gun once....6. sezon emin ellerde diye cevap verdi Safran.


chuck ;)

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