Hawaii Five-0 Review: Welcome Home Steve

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"Ua Hopa:" Caught.

Following his time off, Alex O'Loughlin made a spectacular return to Hawaii Five-0 this week, looking healthier than he has in months. Steve was able to catch Wo Fat in Japan and got him back into U.S. territories before all Hell broke loose and he ended up crashing the plane they were on.

Did anyone else cheer when Steve beat Wo Fat in the hand-to-hand fight? After watching Wo Fat get the better of Joe earlier this season, I was thrilled to see Steve come out on top with a T.K.O. Of cours,e that was only the beginning of his problems, given that the Yakuza seemed to want them both dead. 

McGarrett & Wo Fat Under Fire

Was your guess correct? After a week of debating who we saw Kono climb into the shower with in the preview, the answer was provided for us very quickly in the episode in the form of... Adam Noshimuri! While I’m sure it upset some fans, it also excited many of us as it may allow for Ian Anthony Dale to make regular appearances on the show.

I say “may” because I’m not sure if Kono and Adam’s relationship is strong enough yet to survive him kidnapping her or the subsequent rebuttal of her preventing him from killing Wo Fat and Steve. This reviewer is pulling for them, though! Adam has the potential to be a very interesting character as he works to change his family’s business over to a legal and legitimate empire. I suspect his choice to slide back into torture, murder and kidnapping may put a damper on that process.

But, as the poets say, the love a good woman can move mountains.

I was a little confused regarding exactly what Adam told his men. He had the house ready for torture and killing, yet his men opened fire on Steve and Wo Fat like they were told to kill them. Were they just trying to kill Steve and were going to capture Wo Fat? 

Either way, the showdown at the airport took some unexpected twist, my favorite being Kono saving Adam’s life when his “lawyer” went to shoot him. As I said, the love of a good woman... Kono is definitely a good woman. 

I'm curious where things go for Danny and the CIA. I can’t imagine it will sit well with the government that the CIA field office took a police officer prisoner (hostage?). And, I’m sure the Governor is going to hear all about how the CIA tried to let the Yakuza kill Steve. 

Finally, we ended with Wo Fat in prison. Do you think we are done with him? I can tell you that I certainly hope not. Mark Dacascos makes such a great bad guy, I would hate for this to be the end of the Wo Fat legacy. Besides, we still don't know who or what Shelburne is!  

Next week is the season finale and looks to be tense ending to sophomore season of Hawaii Five-0! Are there any storylines you hope they wrap up this season? 


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@HFO - ... and Adam is going to be free, is it? I would love to see them together.


YESSS Peter Lenkov confirmed we will see more of *SPOILER ALERTTTTT* Adam/Kono next season!!, which pretty much confirms Kono will live YESSSS


@Clarence Spencer: Each character has their own "looks", which I assume you mean "facial expressions". If you condemn one person, you have to condemn them all. McGarrett is a bad-ass character and Alex portrays him well, in every aspect. Hawaii Five-0 will not be leaving because of Alex's "looks".


I had mentioned before that I thought perhaps Adam told them to bring Wofat back, but the guy that was shot by Kono, overruled him somehow, and had them try to kill both Steve and Wofat. Adam wanted Wofat back to torture him for killing Hiro. That's why all the plastic on the floor and the single chair. If Adam tried to kill Steve, then I say throw away the key, but if he did not, then maybe he is not as bad as we think. I'm not saying he is an angel, but getting body parts of your father in the mail would probably make anyone go to the dark side. If he is really trying to go legit, then I think Kono and Adam would make a great couple and I hope they continue this story line.


Great episode, glad to see Steve back the fight scene with WoFat was awesome.I hope these next 4 months go fast, can't wait for season 4 to start.


It was OK but I'm tired of the "shelburn" crap. Get on with the weekly stories


Good news and bad news. Good news? - next weeks season finale should be awesome. Bad news? - its a long wait til September and season 3. Is there any more maligned (with the possible exception of the TSA) federal agency than the CIA? Both NCIS and NCIS LA have done the CIA as bad guys already.Although it was amusing to see them kidnap Danny. Right out of the Steve/Danno "over the top" playbook.


Mrs alex o'loughlin, I should have made my question more clear... The men tried to kill both Steve and Wo Fat, but they were sent to pickup Wo Fat to take him back to the house... I wonder what exactly they were told something like "Bring him back alive if you feel like it"? Had their goal been 100% to get Wo Fat back to the house, they would have tried to bargain with Steve and offer him some sort of exit if he turned over Wo Fat. NOT that Steve would do it... It was the only thing that struck me odd... That the men showed up, no words and started shooting... didn't really feel like that matched the instructions Adam was setting up for. Jim


OH,COME ON,NOW!! You actually think this is THE END OF WO FAT!!
Someone like Wo Fat always has resources and contacts on the outside.
Look,this is the Al Capone of the Islands we're dealing with here. In regard to Kono and Adam,does anybody besides me not notice/wonder about the attraction between good women and "bad boys"?
Even as far back as the Westerns and Film Noir movies,this magnetism has gone on,and will continue as go into the Final Frontier(many sci-fi films
illustrate this). Speculation on the death of a major character: Sad to say,most likely,
it will be Chin Ho.
There will be some major conflict about Kono's dalliance with Adam,
which,because of his criminal connections,may result in Chin Ho dying,
most likely to protect his cousin. Again,that "good woman/bad boy" chemistry.
Your basic Fatal Attraction. I open the floor for rebuttals. Aloha.


@turretgunner - whether fact or fictional, you can't help who you fall in love with. And, like it or not, they do make a great couple! @martinelli - oops, sorry, I missed the blog Danno like! That makes 2! Maybe you're moving away from the dark side just a teeny, eeny little bit!! :-)!! I love Catherine, she's perfect for Mr. BAMF and I'm more than willing to give them a shot at all this togetherness and I'm thinking that neither of them is to good w/the 24/7 stuff! Amazingalex, we'll just have to see how it works. I think we'll all be in for a ride! I'm thinking Kono in the water because of the hair, loose and flowy - Malia has very curly hair. (It's a good thing I don't make a living out of being a detective cause I'd be starving!!) I hope Max doesn't get shot either. How long till Monday???

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Steve: Why are you angry?
Danny: I'm not angry.
Steve: You sound angry.
Danny: I'm not angry, I was worried and now I'm concerned.

Adam: They would see one thing, Hiro Noshimuri son; the heir apparent to the head of the Yakuza.
Kono: They won't see that if you're clean.
Adam: I'm getting there.