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@mrs o loughlin....I loved that too. When steve took on wo fat hand to hand and won that battle, I cheered out loud. How awesome is he??? Just unbelievable. He OWNED wo fat and everyone else who came against him last night....Just owned them all!!

I cannot even describe in words how much I love this show and this team and this show on tv!


@kaydee...I am up in the air with catherine joining the team, I was angry yesterday but have decided to see how it plays out first. But I dont want steve in a full time relationship, that is for darn sure!! :)

@jlopie 1....he did look better then ever. He is just perfection. So happy for us fans that we have him back and so happy for him that he is healthy again!!

I personally do not think that was kono in the water, I think it was malia. I dont know why....but I do think they will want us to think kono is not gonna make it, but I personally have NO doubts that the four are all gonna be back next season, and better then ever!!! I cannot wait! But who saw that max was gonna be shot??? Where did that come from?? I love max!!:(


But the cliff hanger for the end of the season/prepping for the new season, was not satisfying. A member of the team is killed per the dumping of Kono into the this another plan to get rid of this wonderful, talented actress in order to bring the blonde back? Kono and Chin are the two best. As for Danny, it is a shame - he could be so good to watch if the writers would cut some of the weak and repetitive whining, cutesy complaining and make him the intelligent and forceful officer he could be.
Even though it was great to have Steve back, his "looks" get repetitive and thus boring. I want Hawaii 5-0 to stay on air!


@kaydee - Thanks, actually this is the second time when I actually enjoy Danny. The first was the NCIS LA H50 crossover (mentioned on my blog).

@amazingalex - I'm glad you agree. just finished my review.


I agree. Would love to see a continuity to the Adam/ Kono story. While there's no denying that they both look good together, I thought there was also sincerity about how the relationship was portrayed in the episode.

Crossing my fingers for more Adam/ Kono!


Please please please please please let the Kono Adam storyline continue in season 3!!!


kaydee - Catherine is going to be a full time gf but they are going to have some problems, that's what the spoiler says, I guess Steve is not used to having a woman 24/7.


Mark is very believable as Wo Fat either you like or dislike the character he is playing……I like Mark and the character he portraying.


I thought this was a great episode and like many, i really enjoyed watching Steve kick Wofat's ass. But I have to disagree about all the positive remarks about Adam and Kono's relationship. She's a cop working on a special forces team for the Govenor of Hawaii and she's dating a know criminal? Maybe Adam is sincere about wanting his operations to become legit, but as he himself told Kono, that's going to take time. So she's dating a crook who was involved in an attempted abduction of a federal prisoner that left at least one innocent person dead on the plane and could have resulted in her boss getting killed as well. Now I believe Adam didn't sanction the execution of the CIA agent, but that situations showed he wasn't in control of his own men, which isn't good either. So while I know most relationships on TV shows are evaluated according to how they grade on the hotness scale, I guess I tend to go with something a little more substantial than "Oh, they are soooo hot together!" Realistically, Kono would be kicked off the force in a heartbeat for dating a known felon. I'm not saying everything has to be believable in this show, but for her not to even get a harsh reprimand from the "by-the-book" governor is kind of ridiculous.


@gael - thanks! I thought something like that but wasn't sure (love the clock analogy - it nailed it for me!)

@Virg - the season has been renewed and this was done after Alex's time away.

@amazingalex - while I love Adam/Kono if the rumors are true and Catherine is coming back full time, I might have to become a McKono shipper too - don't know how well his having a full-time gf working w/him will play out! Thoughts, comments.

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