NCIS Season Finale Promo & Photos: No One is Safe ...

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No one is safe ... especially, from the looks of the promo below, in the final two minutes of next week's NCIS. Will "Til Death Do Us Part" closes out the ninth season in tragic fashion?

On May 15, terrorism threatens to shake the foundations of the U.S. Navy and NCIS, when the team continues to be eluded by the newest member of the agency's Most Wanted Wall.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Palmer’s destination wedding is impacted by the case, which left off in surprising fashion last night (read our review of "Up in Smoke") with Vance's apparent kidnapping.

Moreover, the connections of Jamie Lee Curtis' character, and Scott Wolf's, to Dearing and the case remain a mystery, leaving Gibbs & Co. scrambling for answers and desperate to uncover the next target.

One which may be closer than they ever imagined ...

For more hints on what's to come Tuesday, read these NCIS season finale spoilers we've compiled over the past few weeks. Click to enlarge images from "Til Death Do Us Part" as well:

Facing Off
Gibbs With Ryan
Shaking Hands
Gibbs and His Team
McGee and DiNozzo Photo
Tony, Tim and Ziva
Tony, Ziva and Tim Photo
Mark Harmon as Gibbs
DiNozzo and David
Jim Palmer Photo
Ducky and Tony
Drs. Mallard and Ryan

Will the whole team survive? Will Ryan's true colors be revealed? What is Dearing's connection to Stratton, and/or Ryan? How do you see it all playing out? Tell us in the comments below ...

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Brilliant brilliant show. Not missed an episode but not too keen on Jamie Lee Curtis but love all the other characters, they all bounce off one another.


When does new season starts? I look forward to the new season I love this show it has such chemistry with the cast. Please save ducky. Do not let any of cast die I would be crushed.


I think JLC-Dr. Ryan IS involved with Dearing. I will not happy unless she turns out to be a super villainess and had a limited run as Gibb's love interest. He is too sharp for her to make him look like a boob.


1) Jami Lee Curtis is very one-dimensional. Her characters always have the same essence. This character works in many films, but really doesn't fit in NCIS. Hopefully her inclusion will be short lived. 2) End of season 9 looked like McGee was severely damaged -- Hope not. He adds sanity to the main characters 3) Tony is now too old to continue acting like a 14-year-old. Time to let him grow up and add some other character for comic relief. His childish and inappropriate behavior, and Gibbs allowing the inappropriate behavior to stand is one of the weaker (and I really hope unrealistic) parts of the show.


Please please please please please save ducky I'm in love with him I'll just keep saying please please please please please please please please please please please please please please.... Almost done please please please ok 1 more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I, also, am an avid NCIS watcher. Watch re-runs every day. I, agree, that Ducky will be saved, Jimmy will be married, Gibbs, Ziva, Tony, Abby and Tim will all return. Vance-so-so, would not miss him. NCIS is great!!!!


Please let it be Jamie Lee Curtis. Nice actress, but what is she doing on NCIS?


I hope that Jamie Lee Curtis' character dies. She does not fit in and messes with the good chemistry of the show. I love the rest of the cast.




We are shocked. The chemistry of this cast was so terrific, and to think of losing even one is heartbreaking. Maybe one or two of them are tired of doing the show and want to move on the "greater" things. Newsflash, NCIS is the greatest!