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Everything is not as it seemed.

As Percy said last Friday, Nikita had no clue what he was really up to. He didn't want a bomb, instead he was after something much more dangerous,"Crossbow." This project would allow him to take control of a satellite weapon, which could destroy at his will.

Even more surprising was that Percy didn't want this weapon to wield power for himself, rather it was a means to an end. Percy wants Division to join an even larger nefarious organization.

You Go First...

Division, Oversight, Gogol ... pale in comparison to this covert international group it would seem. Now that Nikita has been renewed for a full 22-episode third season, have we been introduced to the new "big bad" for next fall?

The new larger Team Nikita was in full force to make this plan work. Ryan, "the data whisperer," was key to finding out what was going on, but his relationship with Kendrick ultimately ruled the day. Team Nikita is no longer just rogue, but secretly in cahoots with the President.

That was something I ever expected to see happen. But, when the country's security is threatened, the government and Nikita will do whatever they need in order to protect the people. They are on the "right" side of this battle.

Unfortunately, it continues to be difficult to convince Division agents they are on the wrong side. Percy and Division have proved to be a difficult foe to beat. The brainwashing is so deep that their agents are thankful for their lives. From Robbie to the couple at the farm. None of them would even consider that Division was dirty.

What a cliffhanger ... still in a bit of shock. At least that wasn't the season finale, we only have to wait one week to find out what happened next. Will Nikita be able to make out of Division? The blast looked like it took her down. If Percy captures her, what will he do?

Back at the farmhouse, both Alex and Sean were under heavy fire without any protection. Will they defeat the Division agents?

Who do you think is most likely to be killed in the finale?

Odds and Ends

  • Nikita has nightmares about Percy. That's not going to bode well for her if she does end up captured by him. Her worst fear coming true.
  • Ever since Nikita and Michael had their heart-to-heart, they are so adorable together. It's nice to see a softer side to these normally fierce spies.
  • What the heck was Nikita doing walking around in her nightie with her robe open? Hello? Poor Birkhoff! But, then again, he did get a kiss in before she left on the mission.
  • I appreciate that Nikita brings back characters. In "Drop Dead," it was Stephen (Brendan Fehr) and in this episode, Robbie. They could have had used a generic Division agent, but the added continuity and personal connection to Alex added to the story.
  • Nice recall of Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). For those of you not alive back then, it was a real program. And, yes, it was called Star Wars.


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Kill off Sean. He adds nothing. It is all getting too friends like. Alex too-she has nothing to offer-her story is over, she won etc. Love to see Michael cop it, but that not going to happen. Percy is the man. Kill him off and nobody has the stones/charisma to replace him.


As much as I hate to say this because I love my Nerd, I get the sinking feeling Birkhoff will die. Percy's storyline is far from over.


The Division story has reached its run. Time to bering it down and reveal the newest more menacing international organization. So... I think Percy will die, although I doubt it will happen very easily. In fact, I think what's-her-name - the girl who plays the Burkhoff role for Percy - will be the one to do him in.


First of all a big Thank You to CW for renewing Nikita for a season three. It truly is one of the top five shows on television this year. One can only hope that it gets put on a different night other than Friday to build on its current hardcore base of fans. Secondly a big shout out to the writers and casts, unbelievable, fantastic writing and kickass acting makes for a killer show that I anxiously await every Friday.
Keep up the good work!!!!


Cool. Alex and Sean are bad at holding people. Division agents don't look around when they're fighting!


I would like to see that no one gets killed off. I'd like to see Nikita take over division  and put Percy back in his cubicle but that's unlikely . Ending of last night led us to believe Nikita will be captured by Percy and that a rescue mission will take place. Look for Owen to join in on the rescue.. Just a hunch .. Can't wait till next week!!!Â


I loved this episode. I was so glad they finally brought Robbie back because eve since that episode I was wondering when they would bring him back. I thought it was funny when birkhoff kissed Nikita right there in front of Michael and he just walked passed him and told him he could kick his but when they got back. When Sean and Alex where with Robbie I got the feeling Robbie still cared about Alex a little and when he activated the thing and right before he died he told Alex to get out of here if she wanted to have a future because he knew they would be killed by the explosion and I think he still cared about her and wanted her to live that's why he warned her to get out of there. I don't think they will kill Michael or Nikita because so many people love them as a couple and it would really hurt the show I also don't think they will kill Alex or birkoff because there way to important to the show and I dont think they will kill off sean because they spent all season building up the relationship with Alex and then he got shot in the last episode and Alex and him kissed so I dont think they will kill him off 2 episodes after that and I think there finally trying to give Alex a real relationship that can actually last. I think ari or Amanda might die and then the other one go all kill carzy or something for killing the one they love and do everything they can to kill the person that killed the one they loved. I'm not sure if they will kill Percy or not because they could do and have the big bad organization come in and fight Nikita or they can keep him and make him more angry and wanting Nikita destroyed and doing a lot more big and dagerous stuff. Can't wait for the season finale it looks amazing and I'm so glad the shows coming back for a 3rd season.


What a great episode! It was a so intense - Love the new bad boy !
I think Sean will die in the finale. This way it adds up to all the suspense and drama from previous weeks.



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