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Everything is not as it seemed.

As Percy said last Friday, Nikita had no clue what he was really up to. He didn't want a bomb, instead he was after something much more dangerous,"Crossbow." This project would allow him to take control of a satellite weapon, which could destroy at his will.

Even more surprising was that Percy didn't want this weapon to wield power for himself, rather it was a means to an end. Percy wants Division to join an even larger nefarious organization.

You Go First...

Division, Oversight, Gogol ... pale in comparison to this covert international group it would seem. Now that Nikita has been renewed for a full 22-episode third season, have we been introduced to the new "big bad" for next fall?

The new larger Team Nikita was in full force to make this plan work. Ryan, "the data whisperer," was key to finding out what was going on, but his relationship with Kendrick ultimately ruled the day. Team Nikita is no longer just rogue, but secretly in cahoots with the President.

That was something I ever expected to see happen. But, when the country's security is threatened, the government and Nikita will do whatever they need in order to protect the people. They are on the "right" side of this battle.

Unfortunately, it continues to be difficult to convince Division agents they are on the wrong side. Percy and Division have proved to be a difficult foe to beat. The brainwashing is so deep that their agents are thankful for their lives. From Robbie to the couple at the farm. None of them would even consider that Division was dirty.

What a cliffhanger ... still in a bit of shock. At least that wasn't the season finale, we only have to wait one week to find out what happened next. Will Nikita be able to make out of Division? The blast looked like it took her down. If Percy captures her, what will he do?

Back at the farmhouse, both Alex and Sean were under heavy fire without any protection. Will they defeat the Division agents?

Who do you think is most likely to be killed in the finale?

Odds and Ends

  • Nikita has nightmares about Percy. That's not going to bode well for her if she does end up captured by him. Her worst fear coming true.
  • Ever since Nikita and Michael had their heart-to-heart, they are so adorable together. It's nice to see a softer side to these normally fierce spies.
  • What the heck was Nikita doing walking around in her nightie with her robe open? Hello? Poor Birkhoff! But, then again, he did get a kiss in before she left on the mission.
  • I appreciate that Nikita brings back characters. In "Drop Dead," it was Stephen (Brendan Fehr) and in this episode, Robbie. They could have had used a generic Division agent, but the added continuity and personal connection to Alex added to the story.
  • Nice recall of Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). For those of you not alive back then, it was a real program. And, yes, it was called Star Wars.


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OMGGGGGGG!!! The way Birkhoff kissed Nikita was HOT! But the meaning behind it was oh soo sweet. I practically swoon and press REPLAY!! Michael's face = hilarious! How could they NOT add Owen to the finale? That's crazy talking!! The evil in me wants Percy to capture Nikita...that will send the whole team to kill him for the finale. HAR HAR!! Since we already have a NEW BIG BAD, Percy should go down and the last word he whispers is....Nikita. YAY!! THANKS GOD THIS SHOW IS RENEW!!! A satisfied fangirl.


This was freaking amazing! I was at my edge the whole time! And the Birkhoff-Nikita kiss - OMG! I did not expect that! And the Mikita scenes were just so sweet. :) Sadly, I still have a feeling that we're all gonna say bye to Sean. Mikita can't die (obviously), Alex and Birkhoff are way too important to the team, and there was an interview before that if there were to be a season 3, Ryan might become a regular cast. So... Sean? Or could be Percy. Anyway, so glad that next week will be a season finale and not a series finale. Sweet victory indeed.


I love this show, it's one of my favorites and is so underrated. BUT where is Owen?!?! There is no way he wouldn't be there helping to stop Percy. Can't wait for the finale though, it's gonna be that much sweeter knowing there's a season 3!!


I dont think michael will die coz most nikita fans watch the show because of 'mikita' relationship.
Birkoff is essential to the team,he's their main tech guy,and if next season they will fight the baddest of the bad,then they will really need him.
I just dont know about sean and ryan.


Another Great episode!
I think percy should die,its been a long time coming.


another episode genial, I do not think sean will die in the end I do not see the ineret evolve to have made his relationship with Alex all season and having them kiss sean that either pass two fingers of death in episode 21 for killing two episodes later it is obvious nikita michael and alex go out out of danger and Birkhoff also for me is dying percy


Pure excellence !! BEST SHOW in cw hiStory,right next to Smallville :) What an episode ... Once again I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode.I've said it before and i'll say it again,this show has the "It" factor unlike some of my other favorite shows...When Nikita starts Im totally into every word being said,every frame going by,im not distracted or looking at the time/checking my text messages . NOTHING !! My attention is on the show ... PERIOD !! Thats how effing good this show is........bring on season 3 :)

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