Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: A Hastings Family Secret?

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What sort of family secret is being held by the Hastings? Spencer is about to find out.

With Pretty Little Liars Season 3 just days away from premiering, ABC Family has released the official synopsis - along with a number of photos - from episode three of this summer, titled "Kingdom of the Blind."

And it teases a major discovery by Spencer, along with some questionable decision-making by her mother. Click through the following pictures for a look ahead and then scroll down for the network description...

Ezra and Ella
Emily and Ella
Ezra on Season 3
PLL Lunch Break
Pretty Little Liars at Lunch

With Spencer's mom now taking Garrett on as a client, Spencer is sure that there is a reason forcing her mother to take on the case. But when she starts questioning, she doesn't so much learn why her mother took the case as stumble upon a larger Hastings secret. Emily also gets some surprising news about her English exam and fears what those consequences could hold.

Meanwhile, Aria agrees to be Jenna's accompanist in order to keep tabs on her, and Hanna tries to reach out to Lucas. 

Pretty Little Liars returns on Tuesday, June 5. View clips from the Season 3 premiere in our PLL video section and catch up on last year's Pretty Little Liars episodes now!

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Lol the Hastings AGAIN! They may as well be Team A!


I actually hate the Hastings, other than Spence:/


Ezra's back!!


I wonder if spencers sister is ever going to have her baby!!!??


I started to think it was Mona halfway through the 2nd series because she had motives (and an evil face at times), but the producers and writers pushed the intelligence of the viewers just alittle bit too much in season 2. So we know that Mona is working for someone else as 'A', but surely 'A' must end up being one of the 4 girls because there were just too many text messages just after a conversation between sometimes only just 2 people in the room talking. Love the series her in the UK though. I think The Lying Game caught my attention quicker and I wanted to see more, whereas Pretty Little Liars got better and better as the season developed. Probably because there are so many main characters.


Didn't the Hastings already have a secret that involves Spencer finding out that Jason is her half-brother. How many secrets is they going to make this family have?

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