Revenge Finale Clips: Murder?!?

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Conrad did what?!?

Emily did what? With whom?!?

A couple secrets will come out on tonight's Revenge season finale, as teased in the following pair of clips.

They proceed three other Revenge sneak peeks posted yesterday, all of which made it clear that Emily and Nolan are in pretty big trouble when it comes to the anonymous man with white hair. Who will survive the finale? Tune in tonight. Find out. And return to TV Fanatic shortly afterward for a review and debate.

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What if the plane crash was staged by the gov't b/c they know who they are dealing w/ in the "organization" & how powerful they really are? Who do you think the mother is? Have we already seen her? Could it be Lydia???


OMG is the only thing I can say right now... OMGx1000000
I can not believe that Victoria is dead. Really??? Is she??? She was my favorite character along with Nolan!! So maybe she´s not dead?? I really don´t know what to think right now but it was an amazing finale.
I did not see THAT coming... or Amanda and her evil child, but I´been asking about the real Amanda´s mother all season and we finally have a clue... Could she be the master mind behind all? Can´t wait for season 2.


I am thinking that the plane crash was likely more about contract negotiations than anything else. I hope they pay her what she's worth.


OMG I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!! whoa!! I totally expected charolette to die, but victoria? how can there be revenge without victoria???????? this episode was freaking AMAZING!!!!!!!! the only thing i hated was bringing back faux amanda. i mean reallly? amanda comes back at the worst possible time, and of course she's pregnant. wow. bad storyline. i love that it goes even deeper behind grayson global. and emily's mom is alive? OMG so COOL!
i love this show!!! AMAZING!!!! your writers are freaking AMAZING! good job!


If Victoria is really dead,Mike Kelley has shown he simply won't stick to the truth in describing long-term plans.If she isn't,he's shown that he doesn't give a damn about plausibility.

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Thanks to a lethal combination of your vitriol and your incompetence, the evidence you stole from me is now in the hands of our most powerful adversary.


In every life there comes a day of reckoning.