Revenge Round Table: "Grief"

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Revenge wraps up its thrilling first season on Wednesday.

But before we get to the "Reckoning," let's talk "Grief." Below, we invite readers to join staff writers Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines as they dissect the penultimate episode of season one...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Victoria slicing open that painting and wiping that smile off Lydia's smug face. Once a fraud, always a fraud. Point, succubus.

Christine: I can't get enough of Nolan. He was so happy that Emily forgave him for his deception and actually thanked him. Nolan's so cute because as much as he wants to help and protect her, he also craves Emily's praise and acceptance. Unfortunately, it may just cost him his life.

Chandel: Probably when Nolan was faking it as the cable guy. He wanted to get in on the Revenge action the whole time and then he finally got to pull an Emily.

Leigh: My favorite part might've been when Emily snapped at Daniel and Ashley during the wedding planning and said to Daniel "None of this is me, have you forgotten who I am?" I was getting so frustrated with those two and Ashley is such a social climbing snake, I was just happy Emily exploded!

Revenge RT - depreciated -

Pen a eulogy for dear Sammy.
Matt: Woof, woof, arf, woof, ruff! He knows what I'm talking about. RIP, big guy. May you scratch yourself in perpetual bliss in the Big Boneyard in the Sky.

Leigh: Sammy, you were a tough cookie. Any dog that can walk all the way from Montauk to Southampton on 27 and not get hit by some lunatic is a superdog. You also lived to be way over 100 in doggy years and that's pretty awesome. Not to mention you've lived through some major scandals and in your death have brought back together two star crossed lovers. Rest in peace my furry friend.

Christine: Hold on while I catch my breath. I'm still laughing at Leigh's response. Yes, Sammy is probably the oldest living Labrador on record yet he somehow trekked the 25 miles from Montauk to South Hampton. That's on Hell of a dog. But seriously, if you've ever lost a beloved pet, there's no way Sammy's final scene didn't have you in tears.

Chandel: If I knew how to write one, I might. He was a good friend, a good partner and he will be sorely missed.

Conrad thought Victoria looked like a demonic succubus. How would you describe her in that outfit?
Matt: In even less sensical, more tongue-tied terms than my eulogy to Sammy. My. Goodness. Gracious.

Christine: I don't think I can top "demonic succubus." Madeline Stowe is amazing in anything but put her in some of those silk negligee's and she owns the show.

Chandel: Like she needs a good tailor to help her figure out how to wear clothes that properly fit her body.

Leigh: Like Sir Mix A Lot, "little in the middle, but she got much back!" But seriously, she looked like insanely amazing. Her waist was whittled to ridiculous proportions... like, I'm sorry but there had to be spanx, a girdle, or a corset up in there somewhere. Not saying Madeleine Stowe isn't beautiful because she is, but that dress was painted on.

You have to choose one. Team Daniel, or Team Jack?
Matt: Team Jack. I find him boring, but this isn't about me, is it? We can't argue with Emily's clear feelings for the yawn-inducing sailor.

Christine: I'm sorry as much as I'm disliking Daniel, I still can't choose Team Jack. He's noble and self righteous and just...boring. I don't feel any chemistry between him and Emily. Of course, Daniel's been such an ass lately I don't want to pick him either. I'm secretly hoping that Daniel has some sort of end game to take down dear old Dad but I'm afraid it's a long shot. I don't think Daniel's nearly that smart.

Chandel: Team Jack all the way. I wish that Emily would just drop Daniel.

Leigh: I know I'm in the minority but Team Jack. There is no romance or chemistry with Daniel, which is ironic since Emily Van Camp and Joshua Bowman are together in real life!

If alive and well, how is Nolan getting out of his current jam?
Matt: I can't say for sure. But it will involve a computer, a fake mustache and a toy whale.

Christine: I'd love to see him get out of it on his own but as far as we know he's still unconscious so that's unlikely. My guess is that the White Haired Man will use Nolan to lure out Emily and then it's game on. Hopefully, Emily won't let her plucky side kick suffer for long.

Chandel: I assume track the guy down and make him pay, however that might work itself out.

Leigh: Nolan is alive and being tortured. And there's only one way he's getting out of this: rescued by our resident badass bitched Emily Thorne.

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.


Team Daniel. Jack and Emily have zero chemistry, I couldn't even hate the scene when they kissed cause I dozed off. p.s. Ms. Christine Orlando needs to marry Nolan asap.


I know I'm late but I too am on team Daniel, there's chemistry thats undeniable, the screen sizzles when EVC and Josh are together even their fights and breakup was awesome to watch....better than anything that has happened with jack. Also their whole childhood romance feels forced, a lot has happened and maybe they need to be shown falling in love on screen for the audience to buy their romance....although I think it will still be boring. And I am sad that Daniel's a douche but also kinda excited about it.


Team Daniel, Jack and Emily are one dull dull dull pairing.


Please Team Daniel; like some of you I don't like either one but Jack is too stiff, too short, too boring, and too self rightous! Dannyboy isn't a fav either but at least I can see her using him and their marriage eventually ending up like Connie and Vicky!


Team daniel (jerk) I, jack bugs me. Theres no chemestry, hes boring, maybe if it was a different actor but I just can root for him


So much Jack hate D: I don't understand it. He's so adorable and sweet, he's not boring he's been in love with Amanda and it doesn't surprise me he clung on for so long, he's a good guy. I think Amanda and Jack are great together, that kiss was fantastic.


Team Jack all the way. I can not root for a guy who has no mind of his own.


I disagree, I think EVC and Josh Bowman have plenty of chemistry. On the other hand, I don't see much chemistry between Nick Wechsler and EVC. I thought he had way more with the actress who played fauxAmanda, Margarita Levieva.


Team Daniel!!! Jack .... zzzzzzz.


Team Daniel all the way. Jack is dull, dull, mumbles most of the time and I see no chemistry between Emily and him, in fact they are creepy together. Watching grass grow is more interesting then watching the show when Jack is on. While the show wants to make Emily and Jack as the "true lovers" it might have worked on paper but you have to have an actor who is able to make it happen, which he does not.

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