Revenge Season 2: What's Ahead?

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In a word, when it comes to last night's Revenge season finale: OEmG.

In three words: Seriously, now what?!?

Following a concluding episode that proved the Vampire Diaries isn't the only network drama that can shock and stun with its twists and turns, we're left with a number of questions to ponder. Foremost among them...

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Is Victoria Grayson a goner? I can't imagine so. It's a pretty well known rule in television that when you don't see the body of a main, supposedly deceased character, said character is not actually deceased.

Did the plane actually blow up? It's safe to assume. How and when did Victoria exit prior to take-off? We'll have to wait until September to find out.

Is Charlotte Grayson a goner? Again, it's unlikely. I was a little confused on how Conrad found her body - what what he doing at Grayson Manor? - but I'm guessing he called 911 and we'll find his troubled daughter in the hospital to start season two.

Is Amanda carrying Jack's child? No frickin way. Not that I mind her deception, though. Can't say I'm a big fan of Jack and Emily getting together. Consider this totally-ridiculous-yet-not-completely-implausible-scenario: Takeda impregnated Amanda after he grabbed her from the beach and is behind this grand manipulation because he wants Emily to stay on task. No? Hello? Anyone?

What is Americon Initiative? New characters, new conspiracies, new stories that sensibly build on what we learned throughout season one. I love the reveal that there's a whole lot going on beyond the Grayson set-up of David Clarke.

What the heck is up with Emily's mother? It's one thing to fake a death in order to protect your family. It's another to remain away when your husband is framed, imprisoned and murdered; and your daughter locked up in a detention center.

Mrs. Thorne has A LOT of explaining to do and the reasons for her disappearance ought to open up countless new storylines for Emily and company.

UPDATE, 5/25: In a series of post-finale interviews, producer Mike Kelley has offered a few answers/teases to these questions. For instance:

  • Season two will open with both a wedding and a death on the premiere.
  • Either Victoria, Lydia or Charlotte is, in fact, dead.
  • We'll meet members of the Initiative, along with members from Conrad's former family, the wife and kids he had prior to meeting Victoria.
  • Yes, Amanda is pregnant. But is it Jack's? That's another story the show will get into.
  • Emily's (uncast) mother is considered a "psychologically damaged woman" and Emily's search for her will be a "driving force" of season 2.

UPDATE, 6/13: Margarita Levieva has signed a deal that assures viewers will see Amanda Clarke on at least seven season two episodes.

UPDATE, 6/23: We've now also learned that Victoria's mother will show up on Season 2.

UPDATE, 7/4: Revenge is also casting for Daniel's half-brother, Conrad's son from his first marriage. He may get involved romantically with Emily.

UPDATE, 7/18: The show is also seeking actors/actresses for the role of a doctor and the role of Ashley's new protege.

UPDATE, 7/19: Jennifer Jason Leigh has been cast as Emily's mother!

UPDATE, 7/26: A female love interest in being cast for Nolan; Daniel WILL get involved with Ashley romantically; and Revenge will premiere on September 30.

UPDATE, 8/2: Revenge is casting for a detective and a news reporter and it looks like there will be a Missing Person case at some point.

UPDATE, 8/13: Michael Nardelli has been cast as Trey, a misfit who gets Declan in trouble of some kind.

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Ohh mann i really hope emily and jack end up together! i love how jack has loved emily since their childhood i think thats so romantic! They have a history and no one could replace that in their lives. I can't stand daniel now especially with ashley! gross!


I am unbelievably sure that the marriage will be daniel and ashley, although i liked emily and daniel together despite it being partly fake on emilys part, but then he is turning into his farther. I did like the idea of emily and jack being together but the whole amanda thing is really starting to get on my nerves! i really dislike her character! I hope emily does get with daniels half-brother as i want her to get back at him in some way especially since is so clearly obvious he is going to marry ashley who is most likely doing it for the wealth and publicity. And the baby is most clearly not jacks, another reason for us to hate fauxmander.


Im really curious about Daniel's half-brother and Emily's mother! Above they said that Daniel's half brother MIGHT get involved romantically with Emily, which is pretty much a yes to me. So it might just be their marriage, who knows. im really looking forward to Revenge Season 2, it'll be very interesting! Mike kelley is really good at this! Can't wait for it


I think the marriage would probably be Jack's and Amanda's, well everyone thinks that. but since mike kelley isnt that predictable, so the marriage might just be a shocking one, maybe daniel and ashley? There's a chance, but I think it would be Jack and Amanda. And to Sophie few comments before this, I think so too, although Nolan and Emily dont really feel right together, but some way or another they fit each other really well. It would be like an invincible team, a smart computer guy (or whatever) and a really smart, cunning girl. They might just be able to defeat anyone. I think the one that will die will be Lydia. Victoria and Charlotte still have a lot to play in the season 2, so probably Lydia. My brother and sister thinks that Emily's mom is a terrorist because if i remember right, Victoria or the white haired guy said something like "She's just like her mother" or something. Although I think she's just trying to protect her family, I might be wrong though. I'm really curios about Daniel's half-brother and Emily's mother! It is said that they might get romantically together which pretty much means yes to me. Maybe it could be their wedding! Dont know, mike kelley is just too unpredictable! One way or another, Revenge Season 2 will be VERY interesting, cant wait for it! Watching the last 2 episodes made me really really curios! Sorry for the long comment everyone :D


I think Nolan is either her brother or cousin, and Nolan's mom is porb her aunt as well. I think her father is still alive and the guy who killed him was related In some way to David. I think they faked his death to escape prison. I think Victoria is still alive and her daughter is as well. Can't wait untill season two. The wedding is prob Jack and Amanda and the baby is not Jacks.


I think the wedding will be Amanda and Jack with Jack making good of becoming a father (even though we know it's probably not his.) He seems the kind of person to make sure things are done right. I think Victoria remembered what Conrad had last said to her, boarded the plane to tell Lydia she will meet her in Washington later and then got off.


I reckon the show will want to shock its audience so the wedding will prob not be between anyone obvious, it'll prob be daniel and ashley since he's an idiot who'd seem to fall for any pretty face who'd tell him what he wants to hear and shes not stupid, shes ambitious, money-hungry and i reckon a lot more intelligent than she lets on


For whose wedding it will be I think it will be pregnant Amanda and Jack. He seems the type to want to "do the right thing" .
Since at the end of the season they made it seem like Conrad and Lydia would be the ones getting married, I think she is the one who dies.


Emily's karate skills.. Woof..


I would love to see an actress of the calibre of Helen Mirren play Emily's mother!

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