Revenge Season Finale Trailer: A Reckoning For...

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If I don't get out of this, tell Jack that I love him.

So Emily Thorne states in the following trailer for next Wednesday's Revenge season finale, a quote that makes more sense after the events that unfolded on last night's "Grief."

We're pretty sure Emily will make it out of whatever predicament she falls into on the final installment of season one... but will Nolan? Will Emily's engagement to Daniel remain intact? Will Conrad remain out of jail? Will Charlotte remain conscious?

So many questions. So few episodes left to answer them: one, to be exact. Watch the official ABC trailer for "Reckoning" now.

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Why oh why is Daniel stumbling around in the dark like a child.Talking about yucksille and boring.He was at least bearable when he played someone his own age.He comes across as a person you use.YUCK-GUTLESS MUMMYS BOY.


What's with all the Jack hate? he's adorable and perfect and Emily is so sweet with him because after all she LOVES him. Daniel sucks.


I still think Nolan is Emily's brother. The first time her Mother was ever mentioned was last week when she was talking to Nolans Aunt adn she mentioned that the only thing she remembered about her Mother was that she was always sick. Suppose David was not able to take care of both children when Emilys Mom passed away (or is possibly in an institution somewhere) and her sister raised Nolan. That would explain why David Clarke was so fond of Nolan and took susch good care of him. It would also explain the loyalty the Aunt feels toward David. Perhaps neithr Nolan nor Emily knows the truth. In any case, I sure hope he is not going to die. I can't imagine Emily's life with out him.


I do really hope that Nolan is still alive, and what about the picture above?? the two of them with the spouses???


I could not be more excited for this... spoilers say that Charlotte will find the Infinity Box before she overdoses...


The series finale will be Amanda sailing off with Jack,or this isn't a Count of Monte Cristo adaptation.If Nolan dies,I wonder if she'll inherit his fortune?


No, David can't be alive, that would defeat the premise of the show. Amanda would feel betrayed and then have to seek Revenge on her father, which would make it too Gossip Girlish. Nolan has to die, Amanda needs emotional fuel at this point, she's starting to become complacent with Nolan's "voice of reason" constantly interfering. Besides, everything we need to know about Nolan has been revealed, so what's the point of keeping him. And Amanda being in love with Jack is ridiculous, I wished he sailed off into the sunset, Jack is wretchedly annoying.


I love Nolan. I hope he doesn't get killed off.


It will be so awesome if David is alive!!!!!


I'd feel totally used if David Clarke were really alive.The white-haired man,though,is part of the terrorist group (Amerikhan Initiative) that Conrad laundered money for before they blew up the plane...and is apparently still doing business with.

Revenge Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Thanks to a lethal combination of your vitriol and your incompetence, the evidence you stole from me is now in the hands of our most powerful adversary.


In every life there comes a day of reckoning.