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If I don't get out of this, tell Jack that I love him.

So Emily Thorne states in the following trailer for next Wednesday's Revenge season finale, a quote that makes more sense after the events that unfolded on last night's "Grief."

We're pretty sure Emily will make it out of whatever predicament she falls into on the final installment of season one... but will Nolan? Will Emily's engagement to Daniel remain intact? Will Conrad remain out of jail? Will Charlotte remain conscious?

So many questions. So few episodes left to answer them: one, to be exact. Watch the official ABC trailer for "Reckoning" now.

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Nolan won't die. The engagement will drag on. Jack will go away to find "Amanda". What would be completely awesome, Her father secretly being alive, with the white hair guy helping him trying to Bring down th graysons:) a girl could only hope

Anna maria

Love everything about it!! Except for the last line..Jack is soo blergh and boring. I'm still really excited though! Hopefully Nolan will come out alive!

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