Supernatural Round Table: "Survival of the Fittest"

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The Supernatural Season 7 finale was filled with double crosses and cliffhangers.

It left many fans absolutely speechless and set the stage for the show's much-anticipated move to Wednesday nights this fall.

Fortunately, our Round Table team of Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna can always come up with a lot to say. Follow along below as they do just that in response to "Survival of the Fittest."


Thoughts on the episode as a whole? Was it a good finale?
Carissa: It was a decent finale. I'm kind of annoyed with the boys always ending up in hell or purgatory and whatnot.  Especially when they spent all the time wondering whether Bobby would go all freaked out vengeful spirit on them. Why do they never come back as spirits? Why don't they die when they go to these places? Why are they just vacations? Hmmm... guess I'm complaining.

Carla: I agree with everything Carissa wrote. The finale was headed in a decent direction until the whole purgatory thing. Is it a rule that one of the brother's has to be taken from our world every so often? Not thrilled about that ending.

Sean: I thought it was good but still felt like something was missing. I'm just not sure how I feel about the Leviathan essentially being taken out so easily, (even if I've been not really a fan of these baddies.) I guess it closed certain things up and I like the potential final direction, but it leaves me hoping next season can come back recharged and refreshed.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Will Crowley play the big bad next season?
Carissa: Like I said, he will never be a big bad. I can't take him seriously. He just doesn't have it in him. He can be the big bad's sidekick, or an annoyance, or a partial bad, but never the ultimate bad.

Carla: I'd love to see Crowley more, but I'm not sure he has it in him to be a big bad.

Sean: He might want us to believe he is the big bad, but either he's playing puppeteer or someone else will out shine him. I do love when Crowley pops up though.

Is Bobby gone for good?
Carissa: If they're going to keep killing him and bringing him back, I'm not going to be happy. If sending Dean to purgatory somehow allows him to scoop Bobby back to the living and that's that, okay. But I don't want this up and down, here and there stuff. It gets to be too much.

Carla: Please let him be gone! Okay, the only exception would be if they bring him back as a live human. Then, I could tolerate it. No more ghost Bobby. Or, Bobby hanging out in purgatory.

Sean: As much as I've liked Bobby and Jim Beaver I kind of hope he is dead and gone. Killing him, bringing him back, killing him, makes each death seem less impactful because it's been too many times. I know Dean and Sam have died countless times, but let's be honest, without both of them, the show ends. Bobby went on knowing what he had to do and I hope that's it.

What did you think of that ending?
Carissa: As you can tell from by inordinate amount of bitching above, not happy with another stint in a new Supernatural jail.. It's just getting old. We have a new time slot and things have to be competitive and spot on next year. Time to shake things up not do the same ole same ole. I'm looking forward to next year, don't get me wrong, but I don't want more than one episode spent in purgatory.

Carla: It was basically a repeat of previous finales with a minor twist. Unoriginal. Boring. It is not a cliffhanger I will be giving much, if any, thought to once I finish writing this answer.

Sean: I enjoyed the cliffhanger for the mere fact that it felt like it came out of nowhere. Does it also feel like a tired device in separating the brothers? Sure. Once again, I'm hoping that with a new showrunner, this new direction finds a solidified purpose so the ending feels like a great lead in to a fantastic payoff.

Are we done with the Leviathan?
Carissa: Are we ever done with any demon? Don't demons live forever? I'm sure they'll pop up again, but I don't think they had the magic they were hoping for, so I'm looking forward to something different to play with next season.

Carla: They are still around, so I'm sure they will be back at some point.

Sean: Maybe for a few episodes, but I'm kind of wishing they would be through. A good try at the silent killer, but let's try something different now.


Wow please. The purgatory storyline has so much potential and is completely different to Dean/Sam going to hell in seasons 3 and 5. We're probably going to see Dean and Cas IN purgatory and possibly run into some past characters, instead of just very brief flashbacks of fire and meat hooks etc that we've gotten in the past to show hell. IMO, I thought the finale and the cliffhanger was amazing and don't understand your pathetic complaining and whining that's supposed to an insightful roundtable. Guess I'm wasting my time here.


A great finale, and judging by the fans reaction on various websites, I'm not alone in thinking that. Yet all the roundtable can do is complain and moan about it.


Good round table though I disagree on the ending, I thought it was brilliant to split the boys up again but in such a more potent way. Sam cannot get Dean out of Purgatory without opening it for all the monsters to escape, no Angel can pull him out and Dean is trapped in Purgatory with the soul of every single monster he's ever killed. Its going to get bloody for Dean, and for Sam its going to get very lonely as Crowley is very right, he is well and truly on his own. LotN


I'd actually like to see some purgatory. Sure, it's tiring to split the brothers up. But what can you do? There are basically no supporting players left to create some interesting relationship stuff. Cas is cray, cray and basically everybody else is dead, in hell or in purgatory. Additionally, from all the major non-earth settings we spend most in heaven, the most boring one. We only got glimpses of hell and one shot of purgatory. Heck, over the seasons the boys have probably spend more time in Gabriel's illusions than in hell or heaven.


Hmph...lot of healthy criticism. Still love Supernatural though. Hopefully next season has Lucifer and Michael getting it on. That was fun!!! Need a healthy Cas as well.


"Fortunately, our Round Table team of Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna came always come up with a lot to say." "Came always come up with"? Really? Who proofreads this stuff... or doesn't?


They kilked the leader. The others could still regroup. Supernatural can keep going back to the same well because its the people and relationships. Plus, the audience has divided loyalties to other shows so they could redo seadon one and get numbers.

Jose t

They said the leviathans are just basically another kind of monsters so they can be part of the cases of the week since they have a way to kill them now

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