The Client List Review: An Accidental Extra

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On last week's The Client List, Riley went toe to toe with the son of a federal judge to protect the secrets at The Rub. 

On "Try, Try, Again" she almost gave it all away by performing an accidental extra on someone not on the list.

The funny part was that Josh Harper certainly handled it well... after Riley unexpectedly handled him. He actually asked her out. At first I thought that was kind of sleazy but he really did seem like a nice guy and they certainly shared quite an ice breaker. 

The Client List Scene

I loved that Riley said yes to their date because, honestly, how much more awkward could things get?!? Thankfully they seemed perfectly comfortable with one another as they talked and laughed over barbecue. That was until she mentioned Kyle and Josh brought up the possibility that he could walk back into Riley's life at any time.

Yeah, Riley's not really ready for dating yet, especially since her double life continued to get even more complicated.

The tin box full of cash in the freezer should have been hidden better. Lacy saw the red flags and she doesn't seem like the type of friend who's going to stop pushing until she gets answers. 

Back at The Rub, Georgia did some research into Garrett. Granted, he was never on the list but his sins were even worse: He embezzled money from his church.

Linette was devastated and lashed out at Riley and that was understandable. But when Garrett tried to work his scam on her, she womanned up and sent him packing.

As she told him in the The Client List quote:

 I've made so many mistakes. Thank God you're not going to be one of them. | permalink

Linette might wear her heart on her sleeve but that doesn't make her a fool.

Evan lost his job and I saw that coming. His boss was a sleazy jerk who had no intention of giving him that raise but would have happily taken advantage of Riley while making fun of Evan for letting her slip through his fingers.

But Evan looked completely blindsided when he found out Riley went on a date. Evan's walking a fine line. Wait too long she may move on with someone else but move too soon and he may destroy any chance he's got with her.

I kept wondering why Jolene was so nervous about a date until Sam walked up. I never saw that coming. It explained a lot about Jolene and I hope we get to see more of her reuniting with her son.

So, what will Riley tell Lacy about that money and do you think Evan should tell Riley how he feels? Let us know before the next The Client List.


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Ronald simkins

Go Evan! Re broads - better than bitch. Look it up on google where you find that some words were more respectable in the old days. Then there is the British "Cow" which to me seems worse than "Broad".


oh, and as soon as Josh called her "One tough BROAD.." i didn't like him any more, i knew nothing is going to come of it. do guys think that is okay to call women Broads????


OMG, Lacey is going to think drugs i am sure! this ep returned me to this show, the previous one seemed a little disconnected to me but this one refocused on Riley and real life struggles of a single mother and now Evan is in the same situation as Kyle, no job and a a lot of responsibilities. i hope he will handle it better. at least Evan doesn't have a drug prob.
speaking of probs, i am glad they didn't go the easy way and make Garrett a client from the list, but like this he is just gone, now if he was from the list it could have brought on a whole pile of new shenanigans and crap to deal with, i mean the only way she would have been able to warn her mom was to admit that there was a list in the first place, not to mention that he could have blackmailed her.

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