The Client List Review: Go Big or Go Home

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Where last week's The Client List was all about dealing with the kids and her coworkers, this time Riley had to decide if it was time for the rest of the world to know the truth.

"Ring True" featured Riley bouncing back and forth between wanting to come clean and trying to save face, as Kyle's absence became more apparent during an annual charity auction.

Elisabeth Röhm on The Client List

I loved how Riley's conscience made itself known in her dreams. Did she have the right to still wear her wedding ring given her profession? Should she even bother wearing it given Kyle's betrayal?

Betrayal was the word for it - and if Riley began to doubt that Lacy was there to remind her. Lacy's tirade about Kyle running out on his family was perfect. He took off leaving his wife with two kids, mounting bills and no way to pay the mortgage. His actions might not justify all of Riley's decisions since he left but it certainly gave her the right to take off the damn ring. What it symbolized obviously didn't mean anything to him anymore.

At work, Riley gave away an extra to somebody not already on the list. That seemed dangerous. Grant threatened to blow the whistle on the spa to Kendra's fiance. I was impressed with how Riley didn't back down as she told him in this The Client List quote:

I would think the son of a federal judge would understand the value of discretion. | permalink

Apparently he needed the reminder that he had something to lose as well. Riley might not be proud of what she's doing but she owned it enough to not let Grant bully her or Kendra.

Of course the clients seemed to be coming out of the woodwork as she practically tripped over one at the charity dance. I guess that guy wasn't there with his wife because, if he was, I'm sure he never would have approached her.

And who else thought that Garrett's a client, or perhaps a former one? Georgia certainly knew him from somewhere and wherever that was he looked like he hoped she'd forget it. I'm afraid Linette might be in for a pretty big fall once the truth comes out.

I didn't completely understand Evan going after the coaching job. Wouldn't he make more money as a construction foreman than a high school football coach? Unless that was truly his dream, which in the end it wasn't. It was Kyle's.

I'd bet there are plenty of ways Evan would like to step in for Kyle but none of them have to do with football. When Riley finally told everyone the truth about Kyle she did it with style.

Yes, my husband left me. That says everything about him and nothing about me. | permalink

Exactly true. But when the truth comes out about her new profession, well... that's a whole other story.


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I think it's tool early for a Riley/Evan romance, after all he is the man's brother. So happy Riley took off he ring though, and if he ever comes back, I really don't think Kyle would have any rights to criticise Riley about her work: he is a jerk, a drug addict, a liar and I am sure plenty other things!! Riley should not feel bad about her job, women in all times have made arrangements not so acceptable by society to provide for their family when their men were gone!!
I really love this show, hope they renew for season 2 maybe Kyle is dead and did not run off sort of a conspiration or something that would be better than being a jerk-drug addict-bastard!!


i agree with the review on most points on the other hand though i am not sure but this ep didn't do it for me the way the previous ones did, i expected a bigger face off with that blond queen bee, or a romantic dance with Evan or sth. i can't pin it down but this just lacked a kick for me.
i completely concur about the ring thing, about time you got rid of it girl because it apparently what it stands for doesn't Ring True to either party anymore. i did feel Riley's pain though, when she was taking it off, all the love lost and trust trashed and vows broken, it must make her involuntarily regret a lot of things which i know is painful.

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Linette: The last thing I want for you is to be that poor girl whose husband ran off.
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