The Mentalist Season 5: Darkness Ahead

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Be warned, CBS viewers: if you think Patrick Jane hit rock bottom on this week's The Mentalist Season 4 finale, creator Bruno Heller has some disturbing news.

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"We’re certainly going to see a little more of that hard darker side of him," Heller previews to Entertainment Weekly. "That’s one of Simon Baker’s great assets as an actor, he can play both charming and dark at the same time. The show is not going to turn into a much darker show, but that character will show more of those colors. We’re getting closer to the meat of what the show is about."

As for Red John? Heller says it's conceivable fans have already met him, and is also prepared to disappoint many followers once the reveal is actually made.

"The trick is going to be - and this is coming - bringing the audience along and making them second guess themselves and ask, 'Is that him? Is that him?' Red John ultimately is just a man - whenever you see the great criminals reduced to the flesh it’s sort of disappointing. I have two seasons or so to make it come true. I can guarantee that people will be disappointed."

Visit EW to read the complete interview with Heller and the grade the fourth season of The Mentalist below:


The director already said that he at first want to do that too... (bout Jane has split personality thing) but he changed his mind as he said that it would make the fans/viewers upset. Can u imagine we ( the viewers ) watch from s1 n try to figure out who this RJ is but at the end the man isn't exist at all. I'll curse the director if that happen. :P


What if Patrick Jane has an Split personality Crisis? What if he is red john in his head? some way it might be possible..


i was so upset that Wainwright died in the finale! In a way i knew he was something (the informant of RJ) & I really thought he was gonna stay longer. He's a cute one..


@faizalshahsz Haha, I was thinkin' the same thing! About Detective Conan...


I myself thought that it was one of the team members working with Jane but then i ruled that out...
So my theory is that it is someone that has already died considering the team members were all there sitting on the curb when red john was talking to Jane on the phone that was on the body so now i would say that the theory about it being his father is plausible


I think heller should reveal rj asap then the next few seasons pj and the team can hunt him down reveal him then at least the team know who to look for but ad a twist to the plot he rj goes on the run leading the team on cat and mouse chase all over cali it cant be kristina as shes dead inside or something


I have made an educated guess as to who he red john is think back to season 1 2 and 3 who is in the episodes about red john ? On the crime scene investigators i cant remember his name but he irks patrick


@Thisandthat I have been telling my fiancee that for a year now THANK U finally someone that thinks like me :-D I LOVE this show and wow for the last scene of season 4 making me antsy to see season 5


did anyone thought that Jane could be Red JOhn himself? as his split personality. Jane is not aware what his other side of mind doing.. something like DR. JEckyl and MR. Hyde...


...please not anyone from the CBI team lisbon,rigsby,cho,van pelt, nor jane...that would be so disappointing..Red john can only be from FBI or from other CBI people...i wouldn't watch the next seasons if that would would be spoiling,,,

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