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The Mentalist Season 4

"The Crimson Hat"

Jane spirals out of control when he believes that Red John has slipped through his fingers once again on the season finale of The Mentalist.

"Red Rover, Red Rover"

On The Mentalist, message form Red John causes Jane to lose focus and pushes him closer to the edge.

"So Long, And Thanks For All the Red Snapper"

On The Mentalist, Lisbon has to deal with her ex-fiance while investigating a homicide and Cho has doubts about continuing his romance with Summer.

"Ruby Slippers"

When a body is found burned outside of a cabaret lounge featuring female impersonators the CBI team ends up with more suspects than they can handle on The Mentalist.

"Something's Rotten In Redmund"

Jane and the team search for a killer in a high school and a special delivery arrives for Rigsby on The Mentalist.

"Pink Champagne on Ice"

While investigating a murder, Jane and a magician try to pull off a casino robbery to catch a killer on the latest The Mentalist.

"Ruddy Cheeks"

Jane and the team investigate why someone would kill a terminally ill man and will Cho's reliance on pain medication have serious consequences on the latest The Mentalist?

"Cheap Burgundy"

Does Agent Darcy have ulterior motives when she pulls Jane away from the CBI to help on a case? Catherine Dent is back on this week's The Mentalist.

"His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts"

When the leader of an anti-cult activist organization is murdered could Jane's nemesis, Bret Stiles be the killer on The Mentalist?

"War of the Roses"

When a charity worker is killed, can a murderer that Jane helped imprison help solve the case? Morena Baccarin guest stars on this week's The Mentalist.

"At First Blush"

Can Jane prove a woman is innocent of murder before the jury returns and Summer's return has surprising consequences for Cho on the latest The Mentalist.

"Red is the New Black"

As Patrick uses a feather to find the murderer of a fashion designer, Agent Darcy's search for Red John has unexpected consequences on the latest The Mentalist.

"My Bloody Valentine"

Grace is tracked by a killer and haunted by her dead fiance. Can the CBI team find her in time on The Mentalist?

"Always Bet on Red"

On The Mentalist, alarming complications arise when the FBI questions Jane about Red John's connection to the Panzer murder. And will the CBI team be able to solve a murder that happens right in front of them?

"Fugue in Red"

On The Mentalist, when Jane is attacked during the search for a firefighter's killer, he loses his memory and reverts to his former con man identity.

"Red Shirt"

On The Mentalist, when a star football player is presumed dead after his car explodes can the CBI team keep his secrets and catch the killer?

"Pink Tops"

On The Mentalist, when Patrick Jane goes undercover in search of a cop killer, will things go horribly wrong?

"Blinking Red Light"

On this week's The Mentalist, when the CBI team searches for a serial killer, will Jane find a kindred spirit in an obsessed blogger?

"Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien"

When Lisbon's brother shows up working as a bounty hunter, will he, his daughter, or Lisbon's team be the ones to get hurt as they all wonder "Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien"

"Blood and Sand"

Who is the corpse on the beach in "Blood and Sand: and can Van Pelt handle Rigsby's new relationship or will it push her further over the edge on this week's The Mentalist?

"Ring Around The Rosie"

On The Mentalist, Jane tries to prove a man carrying a gun at a political rally is planning to commit murder while Lisbon looks into a photographer's death in "Ring Around the Rosie"

"Pretty Red Balloon"

On The Mentalist one of Patrick Jane's former clients asks for help when her son is kidnapped and Patrick clashes with her new spiritual advisor in "Pretty Red Balloon"

"Little Red Book"

On this week's The Mentalist, Jane, now reinstated as a CBI consultant, must work with a new team and solve a murder all the while trying to reunite his former team in "Little Red Book"

"Scarlett Ribbons"

On the season premiere of The Mentalist, "Scarlett Ribbons" has Patrick Jane trying to prove the man he killed was Red John as he and the team pay the consequences for his actions.

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