Girls Review: Who is the Wound?

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When inputting my quotes from the latest installment of Girls, I noticed that a lot of the notable one liners came from Marnie. In "Leave Me Alone," she and Hannah had their most epic fight to date, even worse than the time Marnie doused Hannah in a drink and called her a bitch.

What led these two besties into harsh territory? Well, it seems that Hannah and Marnie had been feeling resentful towards each other for awhile. All it took to get the fight moving was a trigger.

Hannah & Marie Spot Her Professor

The trigger in this case was an old nemesis of Hannah's named Tally Schifrin. Tally's the kind of girl who is all about the success and not afraid to rub it in your face. Obviously this is not someone who would mesh well with Hannah. Especially because Tally has the one kind of success that Hannah really wants: recognition for her writing.

Enter guest star Michael Imperioli, known to many as Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos. I love when HBO keeps it in the family! As Hannah's former writing professor and crush, she was thrilled when Imperioli agreed Tally was a crappy writer and invited Hannah to read a piece at a workshop. I would've liked to hear her piece on the hoarder.

Maybe it's "trivial" as Ray said, but not everything that's written has to be some stone cold moving piece about a really serious topic. People need humor and entertainment in life! Also, who the hell takes Ray's advice?!? He runs a place called "Cafe Grumpy," which might as well be his alter ego.

I feel like this episode was kind of a wake up call. A lot of it was about going after you really want, or at least admitting what you really want. Whether it was creating an Internet dating profile for Shoshanna or Jessa's old boss very honest talk with her, it felt like everyone was taking off their rose colored glasses and just hoping for things to change.

Katherine made a great point to Jessa about distracting ourselves from the person we might end up being because it might not be who we pictured when we were 16. I love Jessa's character for being so whimsical and not taking everything so seriously, but I understand what Katherine is saying.

I think Marnie and Hannah are definitely experiencing some growing pains as well. Hannah wants to be taken more seriously as a writer after Tally's party so she took Ray's advice and Marnie is just fed up with everything. Their fight at the end was frighteningly real from the point of view of this 26-year old girl. I sat there kind of holding my breath because I couldn't believe how honest these two were to each other's faces. 

Marnie and Hannah said a lot of things tonight, some I'm sure they didn't mean, some I'm sure they did. What did you think of their fight? What do you expect on next week's finale? Hit the comments!


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"I feel like this episode was kind of a wake up call." Yep. And having already seen the season finale, we know how well that went for Jessa. Yikes! Katherine and Jeff remind me a lot of the Jennifer Garner/Jason Bateman couple in "Juno," and that's probably not a coincidence. I expected Katherine to grow more sympathetic, and she sort of/kind of does ... if dream cannibalism makes one more sympathetic. Actually, I wish she had gotten to the punch line much more quickly, but I agree it was a very good punch line. I'm not surprised that someone was able to thrown Hannah off her game, especially after Marnie set her up for it. I was, like you, Leigh, surprised that it was Ray. I also agree it was a good fight. How real was it? It's hard to believe that Hannah's denial of reality is as deep as it appears to be.


Getting older suck and society tells us leave your friends and decide what you want in life which I think sucks because were happier with friend and with our relationships. Our careers and life choice forces use to make sacrifices. Noboby has it all no matter how much they may look like it! Life is all about what we value!


What I like about this episode was how that older lady called Hannah out on her shot, saying basically it was a lie and she probably has autism, or something wrong with her lol. And how Katherine Jessa former boss feels the need to help her, which seems to me unrealistic, No grown women will take the time out to confront a probable mistress! And her saying that she wanted to eat her in her dream was shows that I wish I had your youth. Doing things that Jessa does is some sort of cry for help, but I think its deeper than that.


I loved this episode! Hannah being jealous of this Tally girl was interesting and everything she and Marnie said to each other was so realistic! Marnie tries so hard to be the girl she thinks she has to be that she probably doesn't have the slightest idea who she is and what she wants. Her relationship with Charlie pretty much says it all.


Hannah may be self-centered or whiny but she knows she wants to be a writer and she's fighting to fulfill this goal, she doesn't betray herself yet she's not able to earn a living. Marnie is.


That's exactly the kind of issues that a lot of people this age are dealing with: pursuing your dreams and struggle while nobody believes in you or do whatever it takes to have the perfect life (good job, etc.) wether or not it makes you happy (the guy with the fancy apartment from a previous episode illustrates that second category). Hannah and Shoshanna are trying to be what they want to be but Marnie and Jessa are afraid of what they might be and are hiding from themselves at least for now.
Sorry for the bad english. Thankfully you can't hear my french accent!


I love writing I think that's something I can identify with Hannah, I think this episode is on to something here, we all have problems, no bodies perfect and we out grow things from time to time. I didn't really understand Marnnie from the beginning of the show she's too perfect to be Hannah friend. She like flashy things, she tries to hard to be perfect its taring her apart. The end argument was heated, but that's how it is sometimes. Marrnie is going through something I hope she can see her way through!

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