Pretty Little Liars Review: If the Feather Fits

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After a pretty strong return, Pretty Little Liars delivers a less exciting installment this week.

Don't get me wrong, "Birds of A Feather" was a good episode. It just moved rather slowly, and there wasn't a whole lot of suspense to the story. BUT there were some dramatic developments, which made this yet another enjoyable night of television.

Emily and Maya's Cousin

First things first: Melissa was the black swan! 

Spencer finally realized that Melissa was a perfect candidate for the brunette black swan and helped the girls "break" into her apartment to look for clues. The matching feather led Spencer to finally confront Melissa, and strangely enough, Melissa actually opened up.

Our Round Table discussion came really close to guessing the truth about her pregnancy. Melissa told Spencer and her mother that she lost the baby right after Ian died and that someone blackmailed her into wearing the costume that night.

If we believe everything Melissa said, then the black swan angle won't really lead to us to the new A. Kind of disappointing, huh? Those feathers, like every clue on the show, only serve to arouse our suspicions and incite our curiosity - but all of the clues never really give us the answers we want.

Aside from that slightly disappointing revelation, the episode seemed to be really focused on mourning lost relationships. Emily met up with Maya's cousin Nate and received a pleasant but tragic gift from Maya. The t-shirt served to remind her of everything she loved and missed about her late ex. I hope Emily and Nate continue their budding friendship because they seem to helping each other grieve the loss of Maya.

Meanwhile, the fact that Hanna has been keeping secrets from Caleb finally pushed him over the edge. Caleb couldn't be patient with Hanna anymore and demanded she stop shutting him out of her life. Unfortunately, this ultimatum came just after Hanna received a threatening text from A. Apparently A is everywhere, including Montecito. Once again, Hanna feels driven to protect Caleb, which means keeping silent again. How frustrating for Caleb and for us! I've always like Hanna and Caleb as couple because they're usually so honest with each other. Let's hope Wren doesn't interfere in this relationship like he did with Spencer and Toby.

Ashley and Ella also bonded over the loss of their marriages in one of my favorite scenes of the night. This new ex-wives club shared a glass of wine and commiserated on the difficulty of living alone after being married for so long. It was a sweet and funny moment between my two favorite moms.

Jason's return also caused some serious anxiety for the girls. His $50,000 reward for information about Allison's remains may have attracted A's attention.

Some burning questions to mull over these next two weeks (!) until the new episode:

  • Does A have inexhaustible resources? Is that how he/she/they were able to get to Montecito and cause that car crash with Caleb's mom?
  • How many people are in the "A-team" and how far is A's reach?
  • Will A be receiving a $50,000 bonus soon? 
  • Was Melissa telling the whole truth? My gut says no, but it was great to see Spencer finally get some answers out of Melissa.
  • Is it just me or are Hanna and Aria quite the hilarious duo? Most of the best Pretty Little Liars quotes this week came from these two. Not really related to the A mystery, but it's worth considering. Which of the liars is the most quotable?


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Hanna clearly didn't say anything to Caleb because his mum was run off the road and A basically said it was them. Hanna had no choice, A threatened the life of Caleb's mother and showed just how far they were willing to go. This season has been confusing so far, I have no idea who's bad and who's not. I think that everyone who we suspect has also received messages from A. Jenna and Garrett clearly were, probably Jason has received messages too. I think there's a good chance Mona will escape from the Psychiatric Hospital next week. I kind of hope she does.


Are they trying to make "Nemily" a couple? Because even though she dated a guy in the books, idk if they plan on doing that in the show...


It seems too easy for Melissa to be the black swan. She mayed have just forced the costume on someone else (like an A-team member would)
The cousin was odd. And that letter is so not getting to Mayas parents.
And are we sure Maya is dead anyway? It just seems... Well, it´s hard for me to buy.
And I really like Hanna. She may be my favorite...I would love to see some more of her new vocabulary!


That episode was soooo confusing. I didn't get why Hannah broke up with Caleb (she told him everything up to now, why stop?)... And Also, WTF with the scene at the end...Mona gets visitation permited, who has access to that, WREN??? Also Melissa story = I do not buy it for a minute. I can't stop thinking about that scene when Spencer's mother tells her : WE ARE THE ONLY FAMILY YOU'VE GOT...Maybe Spencer was adopted...I don't know...Still trying to figure out the 'medical records can't lie' thing


I don't realy care about ezra he is boring, I like what aria did for her mom and them bonding, hanna should have just told caleb about the new A she is just dumb, emily I love her but she have been kind of depressing lately I want her to be happy if only they will stop killing the people who she was in love with then she will be and I still hate marlene king for killing maya, spencer needs to face the fact that her whole family is liars and never going to give her a straight answer whatever they tell her she should not believe them.


What is the deal with the book Nate was carrying around? Some kind of clue? And how do we know he's really Maya's cousin? He seems sketchy.


I don't feel sorry for Hanna at all. Stupid girl, just be honest for crying out loud.


they are making Hanna look dumb as there is no way she could sneak into a mental institution let alone monas room ?! cameras every where and doors would be locked with codes/key cards as patients would easily break out and why is wren there all the time?? i find that odd. and why couldnt hanna tell caleb ? unless A has everyone house bugged and is watching every liar and listening to every convo how would he/she/they know?


@lauren the dress that melissa wore was puffy and feathery and too large for whatever she handed over to who ever was at the picnic table, why would melissa be told to distract her though if jenna is some how involved (even though i think someone is after her for starting the fire) @raaachx: maybe they used a fake i.d? @R : i totally agree with you! im sick of it being mostly about ezra/aria (in the books she dates so many different people and is hardly with ezra ) im over it was ok in the beginning. its gotten boring always the same thing A telling her parents and them telling her parents , her parents angry at them , them breaking up and then making up. they seem to get more screen time then any other couple (i know that this ep was mostly haleb) i woudl like it to focus more on spoby .


Why have the writers made Hanna into the dumbest PLL? She is so ridiculous. I think it's so stupid that the writers have it ok for Aria to tell Ezra about A, but Hanna gets threatened. Why they favor Ezria is so beyond me (actually it seems like they are seriously basing their story on tween reactions. That's pathetic for them to do as writers).
Where did Jason get 50K? I think he thinks Spencer was involved.
Sorry but I'd like to see Jason and Aria again. Their chemistry was off the charts.
Nate is a bit suspicious. Always forgetting the parents address.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Hanna: Why are you looking at pictures of bald fat men?
Aria: I'm looking for a guy for my mom. I don't know I just thought that she could try online dating.
Hanna: She's divorced, not desperate.

Hanna: You know what they say: if the feather fits.
Aria: Hanna, it's the shoe, if the shoe fits.

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