Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Birds of a Feather"

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There was a lot going on this week on Pretty Little Liars and TV Fanatic's Round Table participants didn't have a problem finding things to talk about regarding the episode, "Birds of a Feather."

Join Teresa Lopez, Leigh Raines, Christina Tran, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica as they knock around some thoughts on the latest installment, then sound off yourself in the comments!


Should Hanna have told Caleb the truth?

Teresa: Hanna definitely should've told Caleb all about the new A. I guess she didn't learn anything last season. Plus, how is Caleb suppose to warn his family or protect them if he has no idea they are in danger? 

Leigh:  I think Caleb deserves to know the truth. A is after him now too. If Hanna told Caleb, he could protect himself and not get involved with and threaten psychos like Mona. He's also been really supportive of Hanna and she should be past keeping stuff from him. 

Christina: Yes! Hanna should have just been with honest with Caleb about A.

Nick: Yes, absolutely! The ladies give A too much power. Caleb has been brought in on the loop before. Caleb uses information for power and protection. Now he's just an innocent bystander. 

Carissa: Consensus here. Absolutely. After everything they've been through Hanna fell flat on this one. I'm really disappointed.

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What did you think of Ella and Ashley spending some girl time together?

Teresa: I LOVED watching Ella and Ashley bonding over online dating. I hope they keep hanging out.

Leigh:  I loved it! Maybe it wasn't the most exciting part of advancing the story, but they are both great mothers and actually active in trying to protect their daughters.

Christina:  I was totally digging it. Both mothers are trying desperately to protect their daughters and are also trying to navigate their way through the dating game. I think it's a different but fun type of storyline.

Nick: I love both of the actresses, so getting to watch them interact with each other instead of their children was awesome. It's a nice change of pace from backstabbing, revelations, and ominous text messages.

Carissa: I was so happy for that scene! Ella needs to get out there, and not just start dating, but hanging with a friend. It was perfect.

Was Melissa's story a plausible end to the Black Swan story arc?

Teresa: I definitely think someone blackmailed Melissa into wearing that costume, but I bet there was more at stake than just having her fake pregnancy outed. 

Leigh: Ugh, I'm still wary of Melissa. I feel bad for her about the miscarriage, but she definitely knows more than she admits to.

Christina: No way. I don't believe a word Nanny Carrie... I mean Melissa, says.

Nick: Sure, it confirms Melissa is a giant liar, and also follows the orders of text messages.

Carissa: I don't think it is finished, but I did love how their mom said, "yes, I'd like to know that myself!" She so rarely questions Melissa.

Who rocked the best outfit of the episode?

Teresa: I can't really judge the outfits on best to worst because I don't think much of any of them. But I did loathe that day-glo tank top Hanna wore when Caleb broke up with her. 

Leigh:  Hanna, obviously. I need to find out where she got that yellow blazer!

Christina: As usual, Hanna. She rocks any outfit.

Nick: Those boots Aria was rocking were so fierce, so on those alone she wins.

Carissa: I loved Spencer's bustier, jacket and KNEE SOCKS. Only liars could pull that retro look off and get away with it.

First impressions of Nate?

Teresa: I liked Nate, but it seems clear that he's still grieving the loss of Maya. I'll bet Emily and Nate could really help each other move on. 

Leigh: Nate seemed nice and genuine, a rare combination on PLL.

Christina: Nate is a bit suspicious. Why was he constantly forgetting Maya's parents' address?

Nick: I think he's an impostor. He continually forgets Maya's parents address, and Emily handing over that note to him without any suspicions is driving me crazy.

Carissa: I'm with Christina and Nick. Not only forgetting Maya's address, but I'm supposed to believe that after one day he wants to quit Hollis? Seems more like he got what he came for and wants to roll. Bad news.

The final scene: what did it mean and how are Mona, Wren, and Wilden involved with the A Team? 

Teresa: I still don't know about that last scene, but I definitely suspect that Mona might be faking at least some of her craziness. Wren is definitely suspicious, especially since he continues to insinuate his way into the girls' lives. 

Leigh:  I am racking my brain as to who was not accounted for in Rosewood. It's obviously someone related to Mona, but I don't know that it was Wren. Still really puzzled over this. 

Christina: I honestly don't know. Then again, does anyone?!? I still have a feeling Wren is involved somehow though.

Nick: It means someone is pulling the strings from afar. That this A is not anywhere in Rosewood yet, and he or she is merely setting their plan in motion by manipulating others.

Carissa: My crazy theory is now that Wilden and Wren are involved and Mona is off traipsing as A. Why can't Hanna see her? Because she's not there. Anyone can scream from a room and sound like Mona.


Hanna should have definitely told Caleb the truth. He has supported her through out this whole thing and would do anything he could to help and protect her. On the other hand, he broke up with her not only because she was keeping secrets again but he said that he was only part of her life...even if he knew she wouldn't want Caleb to get hurt so she wouldn't want him to get involved. So, i think even if Caleb knew everything they might have stayed together for a little longer but he would eventually get tired of everything


Ella and Ezra. Wait for it :)

Leigh r

@ludovica- thank you!!!


Should Hanna have told Caleb the truth? - YES!
What did you think of Ella and Ashley spending some girl time together? - It was sweet, but I'm worried the adults could take over like half the show like 90210 did that time.
Was Melissa's story a plausible end to the Black Swan story arc? - I actually do for some reason. Someone is out to get her because she knows more than she lets on.
Who rocked the best outfit of the episode? - Bitch please. Hanna wins every time!
First impressions of Nate? - Aw he seems sweet. I'm sensing a little psycho derek vibe from him, idk maybe peyton needs to come to rosewood to lecture the girls or something.
The final scene...what did it mean and how are Mona, Wren, and Wilden involved with the A Team? - Wilden? hardly. Wren? if he had some sort of a motive.


Leigh the yellow blazer is from Zara ;)


I have a theory. What if, A is just the puppet master? And never actually does anything, but blackmails other people into doing it for him/her?


1. I was surprised Hanna didn't tell Caleb the truth. But then I suppose he would've insisted on going to the police, questions would be asked, secrets revealed, etc etc etc.
2. I loved the Momma Bonding! Parents have lives too!
3. Melissa's excuse was Swiss Cheese, it was so hole-y! And Mrs. Hastings' facial expressions bounced between "I know this part", "She's not telling the whole truth" and " I didn't know that". AND it was by no means an exhausting explination - Melissa just didn't want to answer any more questions.
4. Best outfits goes to Mrs. Hastings rocking the skinny jeans, boots and copper top. And Hanna's yellow blazer is from Zara, or so I'v heard.
5. Nate is totally sketchy! I'm not really sure he is Maya's cousin. Unless A is blackmailing him too. And what is up with that book he was reading?
6. I think we're going to find that everyone we think is on the A-team is actually being blackmailed into helping A - Mona, Lucas, Jenna, Melissa, Wren, Nate. Wilden is just an ass.


i dunno, but i have a feeling that Nate had to do something with Maya's murder. I think he might even be a psycho (usually their character starts as a nice and humble person, later on is something totally different) I don't want wren to be in the A team! HE's too cute! Should Hanna have told Caleb the truth? --> Absolutely! What is wrong with her!
Ella and Ashley spending some girl time together? --> big YES! That was my favorite scene of that episode.
Melissa's story --> don't believe her for a second! she's one of the most devious characters in this show IMO!
best outfit --> As usual, HANNA. SPencer and Aria are up there too
First impressions of Nate? --> Like I mentioned above, don't trust him AT ALL.
The final scene --> I don't want Wren to be a part of team A. I personally think an A member (LUCAS) was able to hack into the mental institution and change the visitation policy of Mona. He was there visiting last week

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