Supernatural Season 8 Scoop: A Love Interest for Sam

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Ruby died on Season 4 of Supernatural. It's time for Sam to move on.

So new showrunner Jeremy Carver clearly thinks, as he's preparing to cast a new love interest for the hunk of a hunter.

Mark Pellegrino on Supernatural

Described in network notes as "brave, sweet, smart and sarcastic," Amelia will be a doctor in her late 20s/early 30s who is introduced on episode three of Season 8. Look for her to be affected by a personal tragedy and initially unsure what to make of Sam.

It's a bit broad and vague, but have at it: Who should come on board as Amelia?

As just announced by The CW, Supernatural will return with new episodes on October 3.

UPDATE: Liane Balaban has landed this sought after role.

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i thimk anything will be good but id love for them to bring back the blonde ruby she waz the best and personally i loved ruby.....and i wish dean would go back with lisa they made an awsum couple.....and sam and ruby were awsum together too.....


awww what about Dean?


What are you talking about Amber? Sam's better than ever. He's recovered, he deserves a love interest more than Dean.


Oh my gosh please bring back Jo for Dean!!!! He needs a love interest. Sam has too much crap going on to have a love interest!


I agree with those who are joyful about this turn of events. I think it's about time the boys started being able to lay down some roots and rebuild. I know Carver is coming from Being Human, where all three leads had love interests, so who knows maybe Dean and Castiel will also end up with girls too. :)
(Hopefully not Meg for Castiel though... the flirting is kinda funny but in a totally wrong way, she's a demon rapist, so please, no love. OH Cas and that cute Inais haha, I know it doesn't add a girl but, meh, I think it'd send a nice message, if they didn't make Inais a campy gay stereotype. Or resurrect Balthazar hehe he seemed to care a lot about Cas.) Amelia was an interesting name choice though, someone else pointed out that's also the name of Jimmy Novak's (Castiel's vessel) wife! It is a pretty name. I hope the actress is a good one whose tough like Bela and Ruby 1.0 were.


Personally I can't wait to see this new character and I would love it if she were to become a regular. Its about time Sam had another love interest and I really really hope they bring Lisa and Ben back!!! I love Dean soo much and I want to see him as happy as he was before. :)


I think Molly Sims would do good on this role.


Lucy, I don't know what you're talking about none love relationships...what about Dean and Lisa?! They lived together!! So don't you dare to say that there was no love in there!! Dean ended the relationship cause he loved her!! So the show has had love relationships before, admit it, you don't want Sam to have a love interest that's all..I don't know if you're among the people who think the show should've ended on season 5, but if don't like don't watch, and leave us alone.


And don't start with the crap that says that hunters can't have happy endings, cause that's crap! You choose your own destiny!! And you wanna know why I feel so confident about my wishes of having this girl as regular, cause if you like Bela, you'll love this woman, what can be worst than that bitch who made life impossible for the brothers, I hate that bitch, and Ruby too!!


Like I said, you just want men on the screen...the destiel thing its a joke between the fans. You just don't want Sam to have a relationship, and period. Why can Dean have all the girls on the show, and Sam none??? Sam and Dean aren't getting any younger and they need to start getting serious relationships if they both want to make families. The show has to end somehow, and I won't like to see a repeat of Swan Song, or like some people say, Sam and Dean getting in the car ready for another hunt, that would be stupid, and even though they are brothers people who envy the show still think they are gay...I'd like to see and ending where Sam gets married, Dean gets married, they both have kids, and live happily ever after that's how the show its supposed to end, the hunting has to end someday, they can't be haunting forever, both Sam and Dean have said in previous seasons, someday they have to retire. Unless they want to end like Gordon, Bobby, and the other guy who was at the mental hospital, and the people who think that there's no happy endings for hunters, let me tell you that's bullcrap! You can make your own destiny. By the way, Molly Sims would be a good actress for the role of Amelia.

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