Supernatural Season 8 Scoop: A Love Interest for Sam

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Ruby died on Season 4 of Supernatural. It's time for Sam to move on.

So new showrunner Jeremy Carver clearly thinks, as he's preparing to cast a new love interest for the hunk of a hunter.

Mark Pellegrino on Supernatural

Described in network notes as "brave, sweet, smart and sarcastic," Amelia will be a doctor in her late 20s/early 30s who is introduced on episode three of Season 8. Look for her to be affected by a personal tragedy and initially unsure what to make of Sam.

It's a bit broad and vague, but have at it: Who should come on board as Amelia?

As just announced by The CW, Supernatural will return with new episodes on October 3.

UPDATE: Liane Balaban has landed this sought after role.

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There have been a whole lot of female characters on this show and how many of them have had sex with Sam and Dean and idiots still think they are gay. The stupidity is astounding. I want female characters on the show, but they don't need to have a love story with Sam or Dean. If anyone and you know who I'm talking to right now thinks the show needs females. Then Dean and Castiel also need new love interests. They're the ones that most people think are gay not Sam and Dean who are brothers. LMAO If some people want regular female characters then maybe they should go find another show to watch that have some on it.


I have no idea what this girl will be like, therefore I can't say if I want her as a regular yet but I am very interested in the fact that Sam will get a love interest. I think of all the women on the show, Bela was my favorite.


Hey Lucy Fyre, let me tell you something..the cast needs a girl...who cares if there's chemistry between Jared and this girl, he's already married!! Admit it, you don't want any girl on the cast so you can only have men on the me, I rather calling the show supernatural love than Supernatural gay...if you don't like it don't watch it!!


I think I'm more of a fan than anyone posting on here. I love how people on here want someone to be a regular on the show and they haven't even seen the character yet or who's going to play her. She might have zero chemistry with Jared.
If you want to watch love, then I think you need to find another show like a soap to watch.
I'd love for a new female character to come on and stick around and I loved Bela and Ruby.
I'd actually love Genevieve Padalecki to come back on and play this new love interest. She could be the twin of Ruby's other vessel. At least she'd have great chemistry with Jared like she did when she played Ruby. Maybe they should bring back Lisa and Ben for Dean and then Sam and Dean can settle down somewhere and have a family life together and then go out hunting. They can rename the show, Supernatural Love. lol


Lucy Fyre, There's always a first time!! When you're in love you don't think about others think about yours. I don't know if you remember, but the end of Dean's relationship with Lisa and Ben was Dean's decision. Sam doesn't need to do exactly what Dean does. Dean is Dean, and Sam is Sam! I got a feeling that tells me you're not even a fan, get out of here!!


How many love stories have been on Supernatural? None. Sam will probably just have sex with this Amelia and she will be his sex partner and nothing more. Sam has sex every other year and this year he's due again. Jeremy Carver is probably just using this new love interest crap as a diversion for what will be the real storyline of season 8 and that's Dean and Castiel. Any Sam fan better get ready for a repeat of season 4 when Sam's whole storyline was mainly offscreen. Sam will probably be off with his new love or sex interest while the show is all about Dean and Castiel. Yes, Sam is going to try and have just a normal relationship with a woman after he saw what happened with Dean and Lisa and Ben. Right. Either Sam is stupid or crazy or both. I'm sure all the Dean and Castiel fans are loving this turn of event. Dean and Castiel can now spend more time together without Sam getting in the way of their friendship that's been based on lies, secrets and them both using the other. The bromance of Sam and Dean is over and I'm sure Carver will start the new romances of Sam and Amelia and Castiel and Dean. At least they'll both have someone to love and hold when they get lonely without each other.


Dear Jeremy Carver, I hope you are doing fine, and hope you are doing great working on Supernatural. Keep the love interest story line, the show needs one. Besides, I'm among the people who think the cast needs a girl. By the way, ignore the negative comments about negative people who call themselves fans...Thank-you


Darn it! This was what I was talking about! Lucy Fyre, if you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything!


Lucy Fyre! Who do you think you are?! Screw you!!


Hey Lucy Fyre, some People accept others how they really are! What if Amelia has done things she isn't proud of too! Think!! This is what I hate about Supernatural fans!! So much negativity in you!! My God!! Be freaking positive!! Jeremy Carver knows what he is doing!! By the way, all those things Sam did are in the past, everybody has secrets, do you think every couple is complete honest?? Besides Sam deserves a girlfriend..and the cast needs a woman. You girls don't want any woman on the cast so you can have Dean and Sam the 100% of time in the screen. I don't know if you notice, but the show isn't only watched by girls!!

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