Teen Wolf Season Premiere Review: The Lone Wolf

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When I started watching the first ever episode of Teen Wolf, I was very skeptical. As season one went on, though, I began enjoying the series for what it was, a bit of a guilty pleasure. When the season concluded, as my review of the finale reiterated, I unashamedly admitted that there was no guilt in my viewing pleasure of the MTV drama.

After watching the season two premiere, "Omega," I reaffirm my conclusion that Teen Wolf is good television. There is quality action, great suspense, plenty of romance with very attractive actors, and interesting plot twists. Nobody will confuse the series with Breaking Bad in the writing department, but there is no longer much to make fun about the series.

Even the special effects have improved to start the second season.

Teen Wolf Season 2 Premiere Scene

When we last left our Beacon Hills crew, Scott had killed the Alpha, which allowed Derek to step into the top spot in the pack. Jackson had accepted Derek's bite, Allison found out about Scott's hairy secret and a whole bunch of strange was going on with Lydia.

A couple of those situations were explained if not resolved rather quickly to start the season, which is good. We don't want to see them drag multiple mysteries out for an extended period of time.

The first was the fact that Jackson was bit, Derek wants the newbie to be a part of the pack, but the rebel in Jax doesn't want any part of it. The interesting thing to watch will be figuring out why on earth Jackson's body is rejecting the wolf.  The black blood coming out of all of his orifices was kind of gross, so the sooner they can figure that out, the better.

Allison is absolutely fine with Scott being a wolf, although her father will have none of them being together. The continued sneaking around will be fun to watch for a while, but at some point it's going to get tedious, so it's a good thing that it seems like Chris is closer and closer to becoming an ally of the wolves.

Finally, the plot from last summer's finale that remains a big mystery is dear sweet Lydia. What on earth is going on with her? Between the black water and hair that was in the shower, and her disappearing buck naked into the wild, something has to be seriously wrong. Is she actually turning? Is she turning into something else? All I know is that I certainly can't wait to find out.

In good season premiere fashion, though, "Omega" also brought new stories to the forefront, like the eponymous werewolf that was stealing livers from graves, and getting chopped in half by Grandpa Argent.

Derek becoming the Alpha has had consequences, and in this case, those consequences were dire, because old Gerard Argent does not follow the code. The lone wolf came looking for the Alpha, and we don't need to go into detail about what happened after that...gross.

All in all, there was so much going on in this season two premiere that I didn't even have time to mention how awesome it was to have Stiles back in my life. He's simply a funny character, and Dylan O'Brien does a fantastic job portraying the sidekick. The kid's ability to recite all of Lydia's characteristics on command was possibly the best moment of the entire hour.

What about all you TV Fanatics? What did you think of the premiere? Are you excited to have Teen Wolf back in your life? What was your favorite moment? And what is going on with Lydia?!?!

Check out some of our favorite lines from the premiere in our Teen Wolf quotes section, and then sound off in the comments as we wait less than 24 hours for the next episode!


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What happened between the teacher that gave Stiles detention and his policeman father? I don't remember that from season 1.


I totally agree about the name (hell, I wouldn't be surprised that they were so attached to the names Scott and Stiles that they had to take the name too) and I think it will be even odder this year because I have feeling Scott is just going to finally be enjoying some of his powers this year so other than his role in war, the more interesting focus will be on whatever the hell Jackson and Lydia are and they are clearly, well, Jackson is clearly not a werewolf but something else. Lydia might be, but who knows. If she is not, well, Scott is in fact the only teen wolf (well, until Derek apparently turns Issac, can I just say how glad I was for an early introduction, like he looked familiar but...because he is apparently the focus of the third episode according to my DVR.


Except for the name, the show is one of the better ones on television today. I'm not sure why, but it just appeals to me on a higher line than 95% of all other shows.


My only complaint was that they seemed to know this would be a two hour episode and so it only seemed halfway through, I know they wanted to premiere it after the video awards, but you would think they would just run it as a two hour episode tonight.


Papa Argent is so much scarier than his son, if that's even possible. I loved this episode and I agree, my life has been lacking without my Stiles!


hells yea!! pumped about the return. love this show. the effects were even better this time around, and im pumped to see more!!!!


Scott didn't kill the alpha... Derek did.


The name's kind of lame. But i watched season 1 and i loved it. i honestly hope it lasts, it's better than the other crap on mtv. ive fallen in love with the story and the characters!

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Trust me, if he saw a naked girl outside a computer screen, he'd remember.

Mr. Leahy

Allison: You okay?
Scott: Just another life threatening conversation with your dad.