Will Jill Casey Return to Royal Pains?

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Following last week's Royal Pains episode, all fans of this fun USA series have just one question: Have we seen the last of Jill Flint as Jill Casey?

In an interview with TV Guide, Executive Producers Andrew Lenchewski and Michael Rauch touched on this topic, explaining why they sent Jill to Africa and what it will mean going forward.

Evan and Jill

"I think we felt we were at the point where we really owed the audience some definitive answer to that storyline," Lenchewski said. "This is a show that is about these characters trying to find themselves and chase dreams and passions. Her passion had always been to create some kind of community clinic and [she] had struggled with really creating something of her own in the Hamptons."

Complimenting Casey for handling news of her departure as well as possible, the producers also made a promise to fans. According to Rauch...

"I would say it's very safe to bet we will see Jill again at some point in Season 4. We're not quite sure in what instance and how long it's going to be for."

Visit TV Guide now to read the entire interview and learn whether Royal Pains will cast a new love interest for Hank in the near future.

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please bring jill back. the show is not the same without her


Paige and Evan are a great couple in every way they can be but they lack the common intrest that hank and jill shared. Even though Evan's relationship is leading to marriage I still think of it as the lesser relationship. Royal pains dropped from my 3rd favorite show to my 7th when she left this time; I think it's pretty clear that she might come back to visit, but never to stay.


Honestly - I couldn't believe that Jill wasn't coming back. I let the show pile up on my tivo for weeks before I started watching again and it's just not the same without Jill. I don't understand why they would get rid of a character they've had since the beginning like that . . .


Anyone else find that lack of comments from her co-stars a bit odd? Usually when a cast member leaves, you get her co-stars reactions. But this time there has been NOTHING! Mark was on Kelly this morning and said nothing about leaving. What is up with that? And the article by the writers just sounds really fishy.


Im with everyone else. What a mistake to write out Jill Flint.


I will believe them when I see Jill come back. Until then they are just appeasing fans hoping they will keep watching and forget what they actually said. I am done with this show. Everything in that article is a lie. What else is new!


Hopefully it's just a stunt (removing her from the credits) and she's coming back.


Jill Flint does have a recurring role on The Good Wife.. maybe her FBI Agent character will become more frequent... I see in her credits that she is in the new Spiderman movie in a minor role.. From her credits, it looks like she's mostly been in NY area stuff ( Good Wife is shot in NY but is supposed to be Chicago)... I


Wow. I love Jill. What a terrible move on behalf of the producers. Hopefully she lands another show.


Someone getting fired for this one

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