Royal Pains Review: Your Own Path

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Royal Pains saw Jill leave for a better position than she would have dreamed of, Hank and Evan fight for a new client and Divya launch a plan to try and bring the boys back together, only to find that the only appropriate course of action might be to bring in their father.

Yes, Divya sure had quite the busy hour dealing with all the changes in "A Guest House Divided."

Royal Trio

The turmoil, of course, was not strictly dealt with by Divya, as Paige made her long-awaited return to the Hamptons, albeit unexpectedly, only to find herself in the middle of the epic Lawson brother feud.


That's the question I've been frustratingly yelling at my television screen any time Hank and Evan appear together.

Poor Divya is so dead-set on making them come back together as a united HankMed front that she has resorted to sabotaging BOTH brothers in their separate endeavors, only to exacerbate the tensions.

She is much more devious and plotting than I think most fans, including myself, expected her to be. Personally, I like getting the opportunity to see this side of Divya.

If anything, it's Divya's plan and her gift to Jill that solidify the idea that HankMed truly is  family, and we're all hoping that it will continue to be so in the future, once this cold-snap passes.

Speaking of family, it seems Divya, realizing she is no match for sibling rivalry, has enlisted the services of one Eddie R. Lawson, who may be just what the doctor ordered to cure this chronic illness.

Henry Winkler likely returns for an extended Hamptons stay next week, and all Royal Pains fans are wondering what he could do any different to secure a cease fire.

It would be remiss of me to close this review without a discussion of Jill's long-anticipated (avoided?) departure from the Hamptons. Since I had been waiting for it since Royal Pains Season 3, I thought it would be an easily dealt with event. Actually experiencing it, however, brought up more feelings of sadness than I expected. I am actually truly sorry to see her go, even though I know what she's doing is so important.

What made the exit that much more saddening was the realization that her departure might only make the HankMed split easier, given that one of the people who was around to see it flourish was exiting in its time of need in some respects. At least as far as the emotional health of its two related contingent parts, Hank and Evan. She was a portion of the glue that held them together in some way, as Divya is, and to have her gone seems like a greater  loss in the grander scheme of things.

I place my faith that Eddie R. will function as a temporary fill-in in that capacity. It can only go up from here... we hope!?

Other Highlights:

  • Dr. Sacani referring to a potential client as morbidly obese.
  • Paige hugging Divya at the confession of her plan to bring Hank and Evan back together.
  • The return of Henry Winkler as Eddie R.
  • Divya's amazing necklace gift to Jill.
  • Evan's Bed Bug whatchamacallit cocoon for Jill.
  • Hank's scrapbook for Jill.
  • Jill's reference to HankMed as a "family" in her letter to Hank. 
  • Legionnaires disease causing Evan to freakout on Hank unnecessarily.
  • Paige returning and finally getting Evan's attention.

Who's excited for Winkler's return next week?!?


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The show's chemistry is severly being tested and the storylines are BORING. This used to be a show I would dvr and watch. Now with the cheesy storylines, Jill leaving the show(FIRED) and Paige unable to act, will this show survive the the character tests. This show has gone downhill FAST. Now I feel comfortable watching maybe once a month and no more use of the DVR required. Thumbs DOWN on the writers. Thank GOD I have Burn Notice still.


I think they need to get Evan and Divya together. It's ridiculous that they built that up from season 1 and then Paige came along and ruined everything. They totally abandoned insane chemistry and I want to see it happen. Paige is dull.


Love Royal Pains...On last week's episode, the actress who played the spa owner, Monica, looked very familiar. What is her name and what other show has she been in?


the only good character in this show is "Boris".good ridance 2 Jill.hoping henry winkler will be next.As for Hank (writers) dissing Grey's Anatomy about characters and medicine being fictitious,they r as fictitious as the letter left by Jill "BEFORE"leaving 4 africa describing how beautiful the peepz and the country.check ur fact before dissing another show.


Everyone wants to know if Jill left on her own or if she was fired. But I can find NOTHING about it. I have tweeted her but get no answer. I tweeted the writers and such and same thing. No answer. I don't know what is going on. Usually when an actor leaves a show, we at least hear whether that person chose to leave or was fired. But in this case we get nothing! Unless they filmed some secret stuff of her in Africa and will use it in the future as bait to get fans to watch I am not sure I can keep watching.I watched for her and Hank and now that she is gone I am not sure I care.


sorry, I meant, I'm not ready to throw in the towel, in the previous comment.


Wow! I really don't think the show is that bad. I agree with some inconsistency, but every show has that at times. I was surprised to see actually leave, after last week I thought she was going to stay, so they did fool me there. But, is she or is she not can be played too long, so I agree with that. I'm thrilled to see Henry Winkler come back. I admit I am getting tired of the split between Hank and Evan, but if it brings him back, I think its worth it. I will love to see how he brings them together. Divya is a lot stronger then people give her credit for. She defied her parents, by not marrying someone she did not love. She would not give into either Hank or Evan. Realizes her mistake at working beyond her capacity, even though she was just trying to pay off the former future in-laws, which I still think her ex-fiance should have been a man and at least split the cost. Divya is a great character. I think the past seasons were better, but I'm ready to thrown in the towel on this as yet.


Ok, this is seriously rediculous! Did they fire the writers and hire some idiots of the street?! What exactly do they think they're doing?? I understand they need to change things up from season to season, but the show has lost my interest at this point. If this doesn't get fixed, I'm not watching the show anymore, and I think that goes for a lot of fans...


Hopefully soon the storylines will come alive with plot twists,remember the days where you could not predict everything? Long live Jill and bring back Boris. Interest me again.I have got to use spell check more often.


This show was a bittersweet one for Jill but is it the producers that want her at an arms length from Hank or has she grown tired of the show? She is a
creditable actress and if she is only going to be making cameos from Africa if she really is gone from the show. No Meat,no substance. This show is getting one demisional and why the writers think that Hank,Evan and Diviya can hold this show up is beyond me. Boris seems absent,Henry Winkler is brought back briefly to spark the show but it does NOT have the creative feeling of season1. Perhaps USA will read the fans reviews and react to the negativity. I am getting more to the point of catching posible live and no longer setting more DVR for this show. When a show gets bland that tells me the writers are running out of ideas. Long live the impulsive, chemistry between Hank and Jill. Maybe we will get lucky and Jill will get sick in Africa and who will be called in.....if we are lucky.

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