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Royal Pains Season 4

"Off-Season Greetings"

Welcome to a special episode of Royal Pains. You're invited to Evan's wedding this week!

"Sand Legs"

On the season finale of Royal Pains, Divya's relationship with Rafa has unexpected results while Hank makes some decisions about his life while caring for a patient.

"Somthing Fishy This Way Comes"

On Royal Pains, Boris asks Hank to drop everything once again to help an associate. Paige is still dealing with the revelation of her family's secret.

"Hurts Like a Mother"

On Royal Pains, Evan is there for Paige when she has to deal with family issues. Divya's boyfriend asks Jeremiah for help.

"Dancing With the Devil"

On Royal Pains, Hank tries to help a pop star who needs treatment before her big tour. Divya falls for a polo player.

"Who's Your Daddy?"

On Royal Pains, Hank is challenged by a patient who refuses to stop playing polo despite his ailments.

"Business and Pleasure"

On Royal Pains, Hank treats an undercover DEA agent who is concerned she's being poisoned while on a stakeout.


On Royal Pains, someone falls seriously ill at Boris' clandestine summit. Hank treats a patient going through a divorce.

"Fools Russian"

On Royal Pains, Evan and Jeremiah treat a man who is experiencing strange symptoms after a space flight. Will Divya have the chance to reconcile with her father?

"About Face"

On Royal Pains, Hank helps a country club manager who is having issues with her memory. Divya deals with an unsettling discovery.

"You Give Love a Bad Name"

On Royal Pains, a matchmaker decides to find love matches for Hank and Divya. Evan tries to handle new issues at HankMed.

"Dawn of the Med"

On Royal Pains, when Eddie returns to the Hamptons can he fix the rift between Hank and Evan? Can Divya finally connect with her mother?

"A Guest House Divided"

Hank and Evan compete for new business on this episode of Royal Pains, while a farewell party is held for Jill.

"Imperfect Storm"

On Royal Pains, Jill's nephew has problems at summer camp and Hank tries to discover the cause of his behavior. Divya continues to have issues with her family.

"After the Fireworks"

On the fourth season premiere of Royal Pains, Hank and Divya treat competitive food eaters at a food festival, one of which is Jill's brother.

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