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"My Love Is a Black Heart" proved that Awkward’s main love triangle is still making its presence felt.

In a simpler world, Jenna and Jake would enjoy their romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but Matty’s sudden infatuation with his new freshman girl caused Jenna’s simmering jealously to finally bubble over. Couple that with our knowledge that Matty is actively trying to sabotage Jenna’s relationship, and there’s a lot to wonder about.

Ming Gets Caught

The first being how much interest does Matty actually have with this new girl? Or is it all just to push Jenna’s jealously even further? While his armpit sniffing last week was a good indication he harbors some interest in the new girl, ultimately I can’t buy it.

Why? Because Matty was basically having a Valentine’s Date with Jenna this week no matter how hard Jenna tried to avoid it. Jake, God bless him, is still completely oblivious to what Jenna and Matty shared at one time even as the hints lose more and more subtlety.

Every time Jenna’s night got just a little rougher Matty was there to swoop in and rescue her: making sure she didn’t eat the food she was allergic to, icing her head, finding information about her in covert ways.

However, there’s a big difference between Matty and Jake, and Jenna pointed it out tonight: Jake seems to pick up on Jenna’s personality and what she might like instinctively. Jake didn’t need to know what Jenna’s ideal night would be because he knows what she likes; Matty is still trying to get to know Jenna past deflowering her.

Most of the comedy came from Tamara (as it should be) as she and Ming went to a single people who hate Valentine’s Day party. Sadly for Tamara, her night would only get worse from there, but, hey, at least Ming’s got infinitely better when she hooked up with an Asian guy.

But as much as I love Tamara and the hilarity that stems from her misfortunes I’m really beginning to grow sick of her Ricky Schwartz drama. The guy is a complete douche to her, and it’s time to truly kick him to the curb. Tamara has far too much focus on getting Ricky back even as he continually breaks her heart; he’s a 10.5 on the dick-ter scale!

Finally, we need to talk about Jake saying, “I love you” to Jenna, and her reply of “awesome.” Sure, in Chuck, Jenna's response would totally fly, and no one would have any doubts where her feelings lie; sadly, I think Jenna’s reply has more to do with her current predicament: that two men have now professed their love for her, and she is still as confused as ever.

So am I Jenna, so am I.

What did you think of this week’s Awkward? Will Lacey and Kevin ever reconcile? Why does Tamara lose bladder control when she see’s Ricky with another woman? In case you haven’t heard Awkward has been renewed for an extended third season. And, finally, what do you think of this week’s winning quote?

Jenna: Bad breakup?
Tamara: 10.5 on the dick-ter scale. | permalink

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I loved the episode today! But yes, Tamara should get over the Rickie-thing. And in my opinion, Jenna should get over the Jake-thing. She and Mattie work better together, because it's not all about one person (Jenna), they make it about each other equally. And part of the thrill of a relationship -for me- is getting to know the other person and not knowing them "instantly". Or rather, Jake trying his best like a puppy is just plain weird, and because he doesn't really know her but just guesses her preferences, he's constantly doubting himself, which isn't good for him, either. And that Jenna is so oblivious to her own feelings is just plain cruel to him. It makes sense that after being in love with someone who kept you a secret, you want to be with the guy who pays attention and flaunts you in front of everyone. But using the rebound guy is something she (and we all) need(s) to grow out of.


nice episode!
but I think Tamara is fabulous and they should get her some new lines other than always ricky schwartz
and ming: why do asians always hook up with asians on tv??it's kind of annoying, like from the minute we saw that there was an asian guy, you knew what would happen...I would like a bit more suspense.


sorry *too


Starting to get sick of the ricky schwartz thing to.. And the overacting of Sadie. Loved the rest of the episode!!!

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