Barry Watson Cast on Gossip Girl as Serena Love Interest

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Things really may be looking up for Serena after all.

Barry Watson has been cast on the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl as Steven Spence, a young entrepreneur and love interest for Blake Lively's character, according to reports.

Among other film and TV roles, Watson, 38, has appeared on 7th Heaven, What About Brian and Samantha Who? Little else is known about his Gossip Girl character at this time.

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Are you excited to see what this handsome fella has in store for S?

Gossip Girl Season 6, the CW hit series' farewell run, premieres Monday, October 8. The first of the final 11 episodes will be written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and titled "Gone Maybe Gone."

Andrea Gabriel was also cast in a recurring role for the coming season as Amira, a businesswoman from Dubai. Sound off on what you think we can expect from these new characters in the comments!


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I think he is way to old! I hope Serena and this guy don't get together. It will kill me! I want dan and serena to be together, I've been praying that dan and serena will be together, I hope my praying has paid of :(


@ Elisa, we are again on the same page. I agree with you that in the final and six season brought too many new actors. I thought as the producers announced that it will come back to what GG was in season 1 and 2, and not to the period before a season 1. In the six and final season the story should focus on reconciliation between Serena and Dan, as well as between Serena and Blair, and of course then happen to be two key weddings between Serena and Dan, and between Chuck and Blair! But producers are looking again expand the story by introducing new actors, and as you well observed by repeating twice-told tales, and maybe more - girl loves boy, but his sister hates her (Ben and Juliet, Louis and Beatrice). However, I would add to this with Stephen and Natasha, might look like the events of season 2 and 3 - Gabriel and Poppy, and Trip and his wife! As I said before, I did not like the introduction of Stephen and Natasha, and I think it would be a big mistake, but we'll see!


@Zoran, I totally agree with you! I mean, we've seen the story "the girl likes a guy, but his sister hates her" already twice, so why repeat it again? As I previously said, I think that this storyline will be the most useless of the season.
I also heard that another girl (I think it's Jordan Gosnell) could be another guest star joining the other three. In my opinion there are too many guest stars, and some of them could have been removed (above all, Stephen and his sister). I don't get what's the use of all of these new characters, when they could just focus on the final growth of the existing ones!


@ Elisa, thanks for the clarification. I agree with you that the Steven saved Serena and that they live together in a small town. Dan got a slap from Serena probably because of the his new book in which, again, wrongly and maliciously described Serena. Maybe Dan got a slap for his behavior towards Serena at the end of season 5! But in general I do not like the appearance of a new character and his sister. It all looks like Ben and Juliet, or the Louis and Beatrice! I mean, there remained only 10-11 episodes and a lot remains to be clarified before the end of the series, a production company introduces a new story? After everything that happened in the past week, I do not like where does the story going in season 6! I still remain committed to that at the end of season 6 have to be Dan and Serena together, otherwise season 6 will not have any connection with previous events in the series!


I don't get it! This seems like a very strange pairing. Why no Serena and Nate?


pfFFFFFFFFF!!! omg - this is hilarious. Run Barry Watson. As much as I love him. Still doesn't make me wanna watch.


Guys... This Dude^^ has a sister and will be SerenaMe rival... I reckon I sounds like the whole Blair, Lousi indoor know how to spell his sister's name haha but yeah sounds just like that's storyline ... But the girl is freakkin :O oh my god but abywayssss I reckon if they made this guy and the sister step sisters And the sister likes the brother or something twisted and messes up to make it different and actually have a reckon for Serena to have a new rival besides the looks of her :3 ... But she is freaking pretty I can imagin her with Nate actually :3 but still they need something twisted to that story so yeah.. But of Serena does end up with him , his sister should end up with Nate :3


@Zoran, I don't think it's either Bart and Lily's second marriage or Serena's marriage. I believe it is the gay marriage, but not Eric's! I remember from the casting calls that they were searching for a gay couple that was supposed to get married, so we don't know them! In my opinion, Stephen has met Serena during summer and helped her; she fell in love with him and lives in a small town with him. He has these gay friends that have to get married and he invites her. Meanwhile, Nate, Chuck and Blair are looking for Serena, but also Georgina and Dan are. They find her and get invited to the wedding. Serena finds out that Dan is there too, she gets mad and she slaps him.
I don't know, I'm still convinced that there will be a Chair wedding at the very beginning, but I can't figure out when!
Anyway, it seems a very promising season, I just hope that I won't be disappointed!


zoran: well and i dont think its the wedding from serena^^ i think its the gay couple wedding. and they are only there at moment. and serena is meeting this new man there and dan gets jealosly and thinks the worst again:-(
and lily well is off in her ice land


@neddi^^, I think you're right that it is not Bart and Lily! Now I remembered, if it is gay marriage Eric and his boyfriend, then it is now recorded because the actor who plays Eric, Connor Paolo, filming a series in LA, and perhaps only now he is free to appear in GG! And this wedding is probably not happen in 1 episode, because it was already announced that Serena is missing, and her friends do not know where she is, or even GG! Then left Chuck and Blair or Serena and Stephen, and it seems that only Serena wears a dress that looks like a wedding dress! So Dan came to prevent the wedding of Serena, and of course he gets slapped, because when Serena wanted to be with him, he refused! Or maybe Dan is trying again to prevent the marriage of Blair, and receives a slap from Serena!

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