Barry Watson Cast on Gossip Girl as Serena Love Interest

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Things really may be looking up for Serena after all.

Barry Watson has been cast on the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl as Steven Spence, a young entrepreneur and love interest for Blake Lively's character, according to reports.

Among other film and TV roles, Watson, 38, has appeared on 7th Heaven, What About Brian and Samantha Who? Little else is known about his Gossip Girl character at this time.

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Are you excited to see what this handsome fella has in store for S?

Gossip Girl Season 6, the CW hit series' farewell run, premieres Monday, October 8. The first of the final 11 episodes will be written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage and titled "Gone Maybe Gone."

Andrea Gabriel was also cast in a recurring role for the coming season as Amira, a businesswoman from Dubai. Sound off on what you think we can expect from these new characters in the comments!


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@ Elisa as usually I agree with you. But this time I will add that the love between Serena and Nate was completed at the end of season 3, and Nate mentioned as a possible boyfriend with whom Serena would be able to finish at the end is wrong! In season 5 Serena all the time she was alone without a boyfriend, suffering for Dan, so she could turn to Nate, but she did not do that! Also, Nate has not demonstrated little interest for Serena in season 5. As you said Stephen Spence young interpreter might do the right thing for Serena - help it to stand on her feet and about her career. But more than that there should be nothing happens, because then the series would lose its meaning! Unless Blake and Penn will no longer act together! The only fellow who deserves Serena is Dan Humphrey - the love of her life and vice versa!


New Love for Serena - stupidity! Production of the series is again makes smart and would not do what the audience expects - the only true love Dan has for Serena! Enough with the new characters, the rest is just 10-11 episodes! Why the new boyfriend again for Serena, and again a lot older than her? Series producers must understand that Serena has to complete at the end of the Dans arms, if it does not then why was maintained with a story about Serena and Dan full 5 seasons? I agree with those (@ Sa'ad702) who wrote that Serena and Nate are gone, and that the relationship between the two of them forever finished! Of course I hope that this new Serenas lover, would lead Dan to realizes that he made a big mistake that drove Serena! So far we have seen in previous seasons, when they realize that they have lost the person they were in love, all the characters in GG is trying to recover, should it now be the case?


oh nooooo not another guest star, come on it's the finale season!!! the only way this could turn out great is when this guy is the bad guy (like volchok from the OC) and Nate saves Serena from him, so nate and serena will be endgame. Serena should not end up with this guy, I even prefer Dan over this guy! come on writers don't let us down;)


I'm not a diehard Gossip Girl fan, only started watching it probably a year or two ago, nothing else on so I watched, don't understand half of what they say. But, I will definitely be watching for Barry Watson, don't know why he hasn't had a major comeback. I think he would of been better on a show like Hart of Dixie. Lol, maybe he'll be playing a preacher in this and Serena falls for him, oh wait 90210 already did that, lol. I don't care just as long as I see me some Barry Watson.


No, just no! Come on, why should they bring a new love interest for Serena? Aren't Dan and Nate enough? The show isn't started yet and I already know that this storyline will be a huge failure. I mean, the last season is supposed to settle down not only the characters, but also all the old couples, explore them more and let all of them grow up.
I will put up with this guy only if he flirts with her at the beginning, gives her a job opportunity (I was thinking about the spoiler: what if Serena finds a job in the movie industry and moves to LA? Maybe that's the meaning of that "sunset" part...), but then leaves her (or she will realize that he's not the One) and she will get back with either Dan or Nate, or otherwise she could end up alone.
I really hope that Serena and this guy won't be endgame!


What the ....! How many guest stars have been announced till now? It's the final season for God's sake! 11 episodes only...They need to wrap up the stories not create new ones.
I, for one, hope SerenaxYoung Entepreneur won't be endgame.I'm pretty sure Derena and Serenate shippers would rather lose the shipping war to each other than a radomn guest star. If Blair had ended up with Louis after 5 years i invested in shipping Chair i know i wouldn't take it well...
Anyway, i hope this entepreneur has sth to do with show business so that Serena will get back on track with her career.


Ok. Now, I'm sure that dan and Serena will be together in the end. jealousy is perfect. He needs realize how Serena changed and matured she is now. Wake up LONELY BOY!


i really wish they wouldn't introduce any new characters for the last season, why couldn't it just be the NJBC throughout, and why there at it get rid of dan


Hopefully josh will do the ending justice like he did with The OC. Plenty of flashbacks, references to past seasons etc. can't express how glad I am that he's back on the GG team again!


LOL. I busrt out laughing when I saw this on twitter. I guess they want Serena to do the one thing she has failed to do since the show began: Grow Up and Mature. And as per usual they think that she would be able to do this by dating someone 18 or 19 years her senior. Outstanding.
Serena and Nate will never happen. They do not have ANY chemistry. And they burnt the romantic bridges a while back. Dan and Serena could happen but very unlikely. Maybe she marries this Guy like her mother did with William and he'll be the first of many husbands.
To me there has always been this idea, the daughter will become mother thing with the Van Der Woodsens / Rhodes women. Well we'll see.
Having Barry Watson come on the show is the only reason I'm even prepared to watch the final season. Everything went downhill after season 4 ep 12.

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