Dallas Review: Who Can Save John Ross?

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The original Dallas started out with two brothers trying to make Daddy proud. Decades later, Dallas runs on the same underlying theme and, thankfully, it was as compelling as ever in "No Good Deed."

Vicente Cano

Disloyalty is dangerous, especially when you're playing chicken with a Venezuelan oil cartel. John Ross should have been smart enough to know not to give someone like Vicente the heads up that he planned to turn him in to the police. Then again, he's in prison for murder and grasping at straws. Fear can make you say stupid things.

We all knew John Ross' beat down was coming, but I loved the sequence of events. Just as Bobby explained to Vicente that he'd never be able to pump a drop of oil from Southfork and told him to get the Hell off his ranch, Cano was having his men beat the crap out of John Ross. 

Carlos Bernard has done a great job as Vicente Cano. Every week he's appeared more powerful and menacing. He's definitely a worthy enemy for the Ewings.

Now it became a question of which Ewing would step up to save John Ross. Despite their dysfunction, family means everything to the Ewings and when they aren't tearing one another apart, they will protect their own. There's nothing like a hospital scene to remind you that this group is family.

Sue Ellen worried that she was turning into J.R. as she considered crossing the ethical line to save John Ross. The difference was that J.R. would cross that line for a steak dinner whereas Sue Ellen was doing it to save her son.

But Sue Ellen was no ingenue when it came to blackmail and intimidation. All of those years married to J.R. Ewing certainly taught her a thing or two.

And wasn't it great to see Sue Ellen get a real storyline and screen time? It's only a shame that we had to wait eight episodes to get there.

With everyone scrambling to keep John Ross out of jail, I never thought Christopher would be the one to come to his rescue. 

Lately, Chris has come off as not much more than a petulant child. Even when it became obvious that he wanted to help his cousin, I wasn't convinced that he had what it took to play the game with the big boys. Watching Christopher play for the win left me pleasantly surprised. 

The best scene of the night was John Ross' homecoming. I waited all night to see he and Elena reunite and they didn't disappoint. These two have easily become my number one couple on the show.

But surprisingly it was the interaction between John Ross and Christopher that truly tugged at my heart. Their exchange started out with this great Dallas quote...

Christopher: You look like Hell.
John Ross: Still better looking than you. | permalink

It reminded us that these boys were still cousins that grew up as friends. There's still love there, and loyalty, even if it's gotten buried under a heap of jealousy and their fierce competitive nature.

The perfect ending was Christopher telling John Ross what he finally realized.

 We're both just trying to make our fathers proud. | permalink

If only that mutual understanding solved all of their issues.

Just when it looked like Rebecca was making inroads with Christopher, yet another secret reared its ugly head. Tommy is not her brother. Eww! I guess Christopher's background check didn't uncover that.

Tommy Threatens Rebecca

As for that check, it seemed too little too late in the scheme of things. It's one of the many ways Christopher is Bobby's son. If that had been J.R. or John Ross they would have had a background check done by the third date.

I'd be worried that Tommy could be the father of Rebecca's twins if Christopher hadn't already ordered a paternity test. 

 A few side notes worth mentioning:

  • Did you catch Christopher's vanity plate, Ewing 6? Just like the old days.
  • Cliff was MIA once again.
  • Bobby talking to Miss Ellie at the gravesite could have been a great scene but it was much too short to have real impact.
  • Bobby Ewing was willing to pump oil on Southfork to save John Ross and the ranch. Whoa! That's huge.

Why is Ann such a fan of Rebecca? Has Sue Ellen dug herself a hole she can't get out of... or will she eventually need J.R.'s help. Speaking of J.R., will he stick around Dallas for a while?

With only two episodes left this season, it's time to hold onto your hats.  It's bound to be a wild ride.


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I liked it Chris and John Ross all either them want is there fathers proud of them. I liked how the Ewing's will stab each other but if any outsiders hurt one of Ewing's they have each other back. Rebecca needs to come clean about everything with Chris I want them to work I do believe she loves Chris. I knew that Tommy wasn't her brother. I think Rebecca is Ann's daughter. JR trying to get Cliff I can't wait that show down I loved when on original Dallas.


"Bobby Ewing was willing to pump oil on Southfork to save John Ross and the ranch. Whoa! That's huge." Miss Ellie was prepared to do the same thing way back in season 3 of the original show. This being after she and Jock found out JR had mortgage the ranch behind their backs and was now days away from defaulting on the loan. That was another little nod to the original series for those of us who've watched it all the way through. The episode in question is "Ellie Saves the Day".


I loved the episode. I do believe that John Ross realized that family always sticks together, even if there's bickering going on. Christopher really surprised me. Finally showed him as not a whiny guy. John Ross, I just love him. There is a lot of depth there, that has yet to be dealt with. Both cousins are the same, both wanting their fathers to be proud of them. With only 2 eps left in the season now, hold on tight...it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Yes, noticed the Ewing 6 plate
Christopher is a whiny, petulent kid - the worst is yet to come for him with the bombshell that Rebecca & her "brother" aren't ... whoa!!!
Love Bernard Carlos - loved him on 24
Sue Ellen/Linda Gray still adds major dimension to this show
Love the way Bobby's character is being written - still tender but now has an edge to him & I agree, his cemetery scene was too short.
Could Rebecca be Ann's daughter? Bobby threw that envelope in the fire last week - I am loving this show!!!


This episode was great. I loooooovvvved it. I was thrilled BTW when John Ross finally called Sue Ellen 'MAMA'. A simple way to show how really scared he was. Great to see a true mother/son bond there. So glad we got to see more of Sue Ellen! Lots of meat there. That scene on the phone was fun. Also good to see more of the dynamic between SE and Ann. I thought both JR3 and Chris were wonderful this week. Finally getting the underlying relationship between them. Liked that Elena tried to put into perspective for Chris. She seems to be his moral compass as well as Bobby. Bobby was more 'the 'Bobby I love in this episode. I liked the scene at the gravesite. I thought the length of scene and what he said were wonderful. I loved the scene at the hospital with all them grouped around the window. Btw...Bobby grabbing SE, holding her hands and cupping her head was such a tender familial action. One thing I do love about this show is the subtleties. The old show took much longer intense closeup shots . This show has a much more modern pacing, but the subtle undertones are there. If you don't pay attention, you can miss a lot of subtext between the characters. BTW. ...did you notice what JR was saying to Bum before he heard about John Ross? He needs to find out what the two of them are up to before 'Sue Ellen steps in it'. Interesting line......... Nice reveal at the end. Right after she assures Chris that there are no more secrets! Cidre says there will be a murder in the last 3 episodes, will it be Tommy at the hands of Rebecca to cover her secrets?

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