Eric Dane Confirms Departure From Grey's Anatomy

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Grey's Anatomy will be far less steamy on Season 9.

Eric Dane has confirmed his departure from the series that truly made him famous, announcing to TV Line today that he'll stick around for a few episodes in the fall and then be written out by Shonda Rhimes and company.

“I am extremely grateful to everyone at Grey’s, ABC and Shondaland for the experience and memories I have had over the course of this run,” Dane said. “It has been wonderful to work alongside and learn from a creative force such as Shonda Rhimes.”

Doc Sloan

Rumors of Dane's departure sprung up last month, with talk going around that his Dr. Mark Sloane might join girlfriend Lexie in the Great Big Waiting Room in the Sky.

It seems unlikely now that Mark will be killed off, but there's no word on how he'll depart.

"We’re a big Eric Dane Leaving Grey's Anatomy family here at Grey’s with a long history together and Eric will always remain an important part of our famil,” Rhimes said of the news. “I wish him the best and I look forward to watching him as he continues to steam up the big and small screen."

Once Dane leaves for good, he'll join Chyler Leigh and Kim Raver as former series regulars.

In their place, Grey's Anatomy has cast Gaius Charles and Camilla Luddington in new roles.

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Catherine Avery is a urologist and looks down on plastic surgery. She was disappointed in Jackson that he was going into plastic surgery. Therefore she would never be in charge of plastic surgery at seattle grace.


NOOOOO !! Omg this sucks :( but if he was to finally end up together with Lexie then I could manage. Mcsteamy ....


Not McSteamy! So he does die. Did he want to leave the show or it was Shonda's idea? I guess there's no point for Mark without Lexie.


I love Mark sooooo much, but I hope he dies. I hope they bring him back to Seattle in serious condition, he'll have a few more days or so to live because there's nothing they can do for him. I want him to say goodbye to Callie and Arizona and Jackson. I don't want him to just leave Seattle without Sofia. It'd be better if he died. Like he said, Lexie's waiting for him


Catherine Avery wasn't a plastic surgeon. She felt it was a lazy practice. I think she was a urologist, the patient that kept wetting her pants and the penis transplant. I like her too and if she became a regular (even of sorts) then it would be fun to watch her torment Jackson. Otherwise Jackson could leave with Mark and take April with them.


UGH. It's not that I didn't see this coming, but it kills me now that it's actually happening.


I wish they'd have kept this a secret until the premiere. Ideally, I'd want him to die so he can be with Lexie in some subjective sort of way.


I know it.


uhmmm.. its Ok for me to Mark Sloan(Eric dane) to depart now... Well he's soul has gone..but about to derek.


Overall, this is a horrible idea, as even though he'll be heartbroken by this ordeal of losing Lexie, Callie, Arizona and Sofia are his family. Even if he could leave Calle, he wouldn't leave his child - the one thing he wanted more than Lexie. So I can't wait for Shonda to explain this logic.The only good to come from this is the possibility of Catherine Avery being hired by Owen to run the Plastic Surgery Department after Mark leaves. I love her character and it'd be good to see Richard get more screentime and a love interest after what happened with Adele. Not to mention, Jackson could be put to good use if attempting to get a plastic surgery fellowship. It'd be hilarious to see him and his mother constantly at each other.

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