How I Met Your Mother to Bring Back Michael Trucco

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Michael Trucco will appear on multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 8.

The Fairly Legal star - who last appeared on HIMYM as Robin's "Crush" in 2011 and who also spent time on Castle as a love interest for Beckett - will reprise his role on the sitcom this fall, TV Line confirms.

Michael Trucco on How I Met Your Mother

No many more details are available, but the site report Trucco will stop by for "a chunk" of Season 8, most likely causing problems for Barney and Robin before their inevitable trip to the altar, as viewers witnessed on the Season 7 finale.

How I Met Your Mother returns with new episodes on Monday, September 24.

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Yep! Tie up all the loose ends before the season's fullstop. @sookie00
This guy was Robin's crush at a clothes shop and later met her in a bar where Ted ruined it by posing as Robin's bf.


he's from season 6 episode 21 "Hopeless". i was wondering when they were going to deal with that loose end.


I don't remember this charachter, who was he and when did he appear in the past ?

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