Pretty Little Liars Preview: A New Discovery

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We all go a little "Crazy" sometimes, especially while trying to figure out Pretty Little Liars.

But just how crazy is Mona? That was one of the questions posed/teased on last night's new installment, which featured the eerie return of this mental institution patient.

What can fans expect from next Tuesday's "Stolen Kisses?" Major trouble for Aria and Ezra, if the following ABC Family promo is to be believed, along with a new discovery. What could it be? Watch and take your best guess now:

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I hate aria and Ezra together


Where's the Round Table? How can we have a week of Crazy and no Round Table?


Lala, I don't like Ezra and Aria either...But Lucy Hale is 23...I think she looks more like 23. Especially now that they made her cut her hair short she looks older IMO. The only thing that makes her look young is her height... And boys like smaller girls. Believe me I am at 5'9 and it's like you're too tall for them...


Wait, isn't Emily's OMG at the end from a couple episodes ago when they were searching Melissa's apartment? Why is that in the preview for next week?


in the books the girls are 13-14 but in the tv series i think there more 16-17


yeah we are sick of the tonguing


Because dealing with Aria's parents weren't enough already. -.-


It feels like every episode focuses so much on Aria and Ezra. Perhaps, it would be better to just end their relationship, so that the show can squeeze in a couple of the underserved relationships on the show (Toby and Spencer, the friendship between the girls, I would even prefer angsty painful scenes between Caleb and Hannah). I am just finished with Aria and Ezra. Their relationship is already quite difficult to believe. Aria looks to be around 14-15 years old at best. She also dresses and behaves like a 14-15 year old. I actually like her character. I just find it hard to believe that she would seem appealing to an older, educated man as a long-term love interest.

Leon alexis

Ezra,again? O.K.,I'm driving to Rosewood right now! (Hey,it's a long way, don't!) Where's my car?!?


PLEASE BREAK THOSE TWO UP!!! Enough already!

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Guess I don't know her as well as I thought I did.

Emily (on Maya)

Aria: What should wear? I have to look insanely sophisticated for this.
Emily: How about a "Hello Kitty" t-shirt?