Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Stolen Kisses"

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Welcome, Rosewood fans, to the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table for Pretty Little Liars!

This week, TV Fanatic staffers Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines, Christina Tran and Carissa Pavlica delve into "Stolen Kisses," responding below to questions about Ezra's family and whether there's any hope at all for Haleb. Hit the comments to play along!


What did you think of the Fitzgerald family reveal?
Nick: I never really gave Ezra's family or his lineage any real thought, but it takes a lot of guts to break away from the kind of lifestyle to live and follow your own dreams. Needless to say Ezra has really grown on me after this reveal. Also, his mom is a total bitch, so it's going to be fun seeing what Aria does."

Teresa: It was interesting, but not so surprising. It makes me like Ezra for not coming across as a spoiled little rich kid. 

Leigh: It's good to find out more about Ezra, since he's always been a bit of a mystery. It definitely fits with his character that he would try and break away from a family like that and make his own way. However his last name is really Fitzgerald? Too cutesy. Next you're gonna tell me some Gatsby similar tale about his family. His family is definitely "Beautiful and Damned". (As are the Liars!)

Christina: I liked it. There will finally be some real grown up problems for Ezra and Aria.

Carissa: It gave Ezra some much needed depth. Without backstory it was hard to understand some of the decisions he made, but this helped to put them into perspective. Their story can go wider with this new information.

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Is there hope for Haleb or did the Wren kiss further confuse the issue?
Nick: It looks like Haleb might be on the outs for a bit especially when it looks like Caleb and Spencer might have something. Toby is one or two steps away from breaking it off with Spencer.

Teresa: I definitely think there's hope for Haleb...if Hanna would just communicate with Caleb. It's obvious he wants to help and that he still loves her.

Leigh: I think the kiss will confuse Hanna for a second, but I'm always rooting for Haleb. Caleb is easily one of the best guys on the show. They will go back to each other, but not until they can agree on "the mona monster."

Christina: Definitely. I'm a huge fan of Haleb. Two things I didn't care for: the Wren kiss and the closeness with Spencer and Caleb.

Carissa: Hanna hasn't fought very hard for Caleb. It worries me how easily she let him go. She also seemed quite interested in the Wren kiss. Caleb just wants honesty and would take her back in an instant.

Were you surprised to find Emily spent part of her missing night with Paige?
Nick: A little bit, but I've always loved Paige and Emily together, and this is the perfect story to tell for Emily. Just as Emily's going to try to get over Maya her massugar website will bring something to light, and Paige will be caught in the crosshairs.

Teresa: It was a little surprising, but it certainly explains why Paige was so nervous/upset the night of Jenna's party.

Leigh: Very surprised. At this point it's like, what didn't Emily do when she was blacked out and roofied? I feel like she hung out with everyone!

Christina: Yes. Emily's night out storyline is getting beyond dragged out. Really, does anyone besides Emily care anymore?

Carissa: I really was. And I agree with Leigh and Christina. Who wasn't she with and can we just get it over with already?

Are the guys of Rosewood finally going to take a stand? Toby in the lead?
Nick: Well, if Toby wants to recruit Noel and somehow lose their shirts in the process, that sounds like the perfect kind of stand to me.

Teresa: They really should. Toby standing up to Spencer was the best thing his character's done all season. If they had more people on their side, it'd be a lot easier to go to the cops and finally get the protection they need. 

Leigh: Yes, I love that Toby took a stand. Who wants to be kept in the dark about something that your significant other is obsessing over? Totally unfair. And yes to everything Nick said.

Christina:  It's about time! I'm totally down with Toby leading the pack, too.

Carissa: A detailed story arc about the Rosewood boys working together behind the backs of the girls would be fantastic! Let the Liars see what it's like to be in the dark led astray by the ones you love "for your own good." Then maybe they would realize how much good they could do together to bring this A punk down!

What fear do you think Maya is facing in the video?
Nick: Maya was always a bit of enigma. She didn't have any qualms about being out in public. She was very much comfortable in her own skin, so it's hard to say what her fear is.

Teresa: It's hard to say because we certainly didn't get much to go on. Looks like we'll just play the waiting game for another week.

Leigh: No idea and I really would like some answers about Maya already. 

Christina:  I'm clueless and I can't say that I'm too optimistic about getting more answers rather than questions.

Carissa: I felt like she was standing in front of some place we've already seen. Something integral to all the A play, but it was such a quick shot I can't remember. Does that put her in the same frame of mind as the guys, and wanting to help Emily but being kept in the dark? Did searching on her own to protect Emily get her killed?

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If Spencer and Caleb go out I will seriously stop watching the show.


I basically ship Spencer with anyone. I loved her with Wren at the start of season one and the tension with Ian. Then totally loved Toby and her. So I think I'd be ok if Caleb and her have a thing but even if they just stay friends I like their scenes just like I love Spencer and Jason plotting together. I don't really feel like Hanna and Wren have any chemistry. I always wanted to see more of him trying to get between Spence and Toby because I always felt Wren could be cunning like that.


Am I the only one who is almost positive nate is Maya's ex and he is the one who killed her


Emily was drugged; Paige was 'with' her, while she was out of it?...isn't that something akin to rape or was there relationship not that far along? The actor playing Wren is starring in a new show, so I have to believe that Wren is either leaving Rosewood or getting killed. In real life, an "Aria" would be NO match for an Ezra's "Mom"; she'd get eaten alive. I'm sure that TV will do it differently, though. It just points out, all the more, how Ezra and Aria are not a match made in heaven.


These commentators are not very smart - they don't have ANY idea who Maya could be 'facing'? Um...hello!...her stalker/the ex that won't leave her alone. How can you have no guesses what so ever?


1. Never gave Ezra's family background much thought, and know that I'm forced to, I find it terribly cliched.
2. Wait - did I look away when Wren kissed Hanna?!?! I don't remember that! I think Wren just manipulated Hanna into keeping Mona in Rosewood, much like A manipulated Spencer into finding evidence that will set Garrett free. I really enjoyed the Spaleb banter!
3. I agree with Leigh - what didn't Emily do and who didn't she hang out with that night? And why isn't she questioning them more about it?
4. Gotta agree with Carissa - I'd like to see the guys band together.
5. I think Maya's fear video is going to turn out to be really lame, like she's afraid of cememtaries at night so she's going to spend the night in one, and just so happens to catch whomever was digging up Allison's grave on tape in the background.


I actually would love to see Spencer and Caleb being friends, they could be hilarious together. Just because a guy and a girl spend time together does not mean they need to get together, besides, Caleb still cares for Hanna and I'm sure Spencer would have some reservations about going after about her best friend's ex, especially considering how much she loves Toby. Not sure about that Wrenna kiss though... If the guys of Rosewood ever sat down to compare notes, they could probably help the girls figure out what's going on. I'm so glad Toby took a stand, may this lead to some action in figuring out what the hell's going on.

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